Erasing History

The Robert E. Lee statue was recently removed from where it stood for 133 years in Lee Circle in New Orleans (which will now probably be renamed to Martin Luther King Circle) because Lee “stood for slavery” according to New Orleans Mayor, Mitch Landrieu, even though Robert E. Lee opposed slavery and freed his inherited slaves years before Abe Lincoln.

“I have fought against the people of the North because I believed they were seeking to wrest from the South its dearest rights. But I have never cherished toward them bitter or vindictive feelings, and have never seen the day when I did not pray for them.” Robert E. Lee

“In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution, is a moral and political evil in any Country. It is useless to expatiate on its disadvantages.” Robert E. Lee, Letter to his wife, Mary Anne Lee (27 December 1856)



Ironically, supporters of the removal of history celebrated with dances by the very continent that sold blacks into slavery, Africa.

In August of 1865, Robert E. Lee accepted the invitation to become the president of Washington College at Lexington, Virginia (later changed in his honor to Washington and Lee University but also soon to be changed to something else). Robert E. Lee said his main desire and mission at the college was to “bring these young men to Christ.”

Lee continued: “I should be disappointed and shall fail in the leading object that brought me here, unless these young men all become Christians; and I wish you and others of your sacred profession to do all you can to accomplish it. We poor sinners need to come back from our wanderings to seek pardon through the all-sufficient merits of our Redeemer. And we need to pray earnestly for the power of the Holy Spirit to give us a precious revival in our hearts and among the unconverted.”

General Lee once remarked to Chaplain John William Jones regarding the Bible: “There are things in the old Book which I may not be able to explain, but I fully accept it as the infallible Word of God, and receive its teachings as inspired by the Holy Spirit.”

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This is what happens when beauty meets brains

“Liberals need to get this simple fact into their little pea brains: If it costs someone else money, it is not a Right.”

by Patrice Lewis

Miss USA got her degree in chemistry, not victimology.

My father (an engineer) used to always jokingly say, “Beauty times brains is a constant.”

In mathematics, a constant is a number that is always the same no matter what factors go into it. When beauty and brains multiply, one factor must be lower and the other factor higher to create the constant. Often the more physically attractive a person is, the less he or she relies on intelligence. When one factor (beauty) is higher, the other factor (brains) must be lower to achieve the constant. Multiplying beauty times brains always gives the same number.

Let’s say the constant is 10. You can multiply beauty (2) x brains (5), or beauty (8) x brains (1.25), or beauty (2.5) x brains (4), or beauty (1) x brains (10), and the answer is always the same: 10. There are many ways to achieve it, but the product is constant.

Fortunately, there are endless exceptions to this equation (thus negating the notion of a constant to begin with, but I digress), and Ms. Kára McCullough is a beautiful example.

Kára McCullough, as you may have heard, is the African-American Miss District of Columbia who was recently crowned Miss USA 2017. She will represent the United States at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant.

Kara McCullough, crowned Miss USA, is a black conservative who said she believes health care is a ‘privilege’ (Photo: Twitter)

But Ms. McCullough is no empty-headed brainless beauty. She holds a degree in chemistry (with a concentration in radiochemistry), has been inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society and the National Society of Black Engineers, and currently works as an emergency preparedness specialist in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response.

In short, she is one sharp cookie. In her case, the product of beauty and brains is way to the right on the bell curve.

Normally, everyone would cheer if a brainy, beautiful black woman won the prestigious title of Miss USA. But Ms. McCullough is receiving criticism because she made two grave and totally unforgivable errors during the question-and-answer portion of the pageant.

When asked whether she believed health care was a right or a privilege, McCullough stated it was a privilege. Oh she didn’t just say that! Gasp! Later, when asked about feminism in modern society and whether she considered herself a feminist, she replied that she was more of an “equalist” and stated, “We are just as equal as men when it comes to opportunity in the workplace.”

As you can guess, these answers ruffled the feathers of the progressives. How dare a brainy, beautiful black woman not toe the liberal line!

“Earlier in the evening, McCullough was criticized heavily by at-home viewers who felt that her answers to two separate questions were either misguided or unbefitting of a Miss USA winner,” snarked a website called Romper, apparently forgetting candidates are supposed to give honest answers even to politically charged questions.

“Make no mistake,” sneered a progressive black critic. “Some of McCullough’s answers are what happens when only science, technology, engineering and mathematics are emphasized with no foundation in liberal arts.”

Our 19-year-old daughter exploded when she read this. “So you’re saying she should have spent LESS time learning math and science, and MORE time learning how underprivileged she is?” she snapped, then added, “This must be written by someone who is really jealous. Clearly [McCullough] is just a terrible person who doesn’t realize how much anger and hatred she’s missing in life.”

It’s apparent Ms. McCullough – daughter of a Marine, by the way – got her degree in chemistry rather than victimology. This is wrong. As a strong, beautiful, educated, intelligent black woman, she should be whining about her lack of opportunities and her societal oppression and, um, white privilege.

Now let’s go back and reiterate what distinguishes a Right (with a capital “R”): quite simply, Rights are given by God and they don’t cost anything. We have the Right to life. We have the Right to liberty. We have the Right to free speech, firearms ownership, etc. None of these costs anyone a dime.

However food, housing, education and health care are not “rights” because God doesn’t hand them out for free. They cost someone else money to provide for you. If I demand the “right” to health care, at whose expense is that provided? Who am I forcing to pay for my medical services? Liberals need to get this simple fact into their little pea brains: If it costs someone else money, it is not a Right. Ms. McCullough was entirely correct in her answer.

Regarding her second offensive response – that women “are just as equal as men when it comes to opportunity in the workplace” – well, as a black woman in the workplace, shouldn’t she know? She didn’t begin her academic and professional career by whining about how oppressed she was. Instead she put her nose to the grindstone, studied hard and achieved success through her own efforts rather than professional victimhood. Shocking, I know.

Yet because she doesn’t precisely toe the leftist line, then somehow she’s at best poorly educated, and at worst mentally defective and morally flawed. These days, progressives define “success” as pandering to their narrow, insular viewpoints. Everything else is a failure. This, folks, is liberal logic.

The disgust at Ms. McCullough’s answers goes beyond an inability to properly recognize a Right, or revulsion that a strong, smart woman isn’t a feminist. Rather, it’s a desire for shared misery. It reminds me of the classic “crabs in a bucket” metaphor, which Urban Dictionary defines as “a person (or subculture) that does everything in its power to destroy the ambitions of those among them who wish to improve themselves.” Wikipedia additionally describes the metaphor as “Individually, the crabs in the story could easily escape from the bucket, but instead they are described as grabbing at each other in a useless ‘king of the hill’ competition which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise.”

Is this what liberals want? The collective demise of young women rather than celebrating the success of one who “escaped” progressive victimology? Apparently so, since leftists are willing to drag Ms. McCullough’s name through the mud while ignoring the irritating fact that she’s right.

I, for one, am glad America is being represented at the Miss Universe pageant by a woman whose product of brains and beauty has moved toward the right. Rock on, Ms. McCullough. You do our nation proud.

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Journalists Are Dumber Than Average Person, Study Finds

A recent scientific study just proved something that the rest of us who have ever been held hostage by CNN at an airport or waiting room have suspected for years: Journalists’ brains function at a lower level than the rest of the population.

A study conducted by neuroscientist Tara Swift and the London Press Club determined that “the highest functions of journalists brains were operating at a lower level than the average population…”

“However, the pressures of the job are not affecting journalists ability to endure and bounce back from adversity in the long term, due to a belief that their work has meaning,” according to a press release from the London Press Club.

Journalists’ brains show a lower level of executive function – that is, the ability of the brain to regulate emotions, suppress biases, switch between tasks, solve complex problems and think flexibly and creatively – than the average person.

Dr Swart recruited 31 journalists from across the industry to participate in the study. Participants were required to record their eating and drinking habits, answer a brain profile questionaire, take blood tests, and wear heart-rate variability monitors.

The study was initially launched to examine how journalists manage to “survive and thrive” while managing such high levels of occupational stress. “Journalism,” the press release notes, “is one of many industries under an increasing amount of pressure in the digital age. Low pay, frequent deadlines, and high levels of accountability all contribute to high reported stress levels.”


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The South Is Still The Economic Driver Of The Nation

In spite of what you hear about New York and California being the main economic drivers in the US, it is still the old south that continues to bring home the bacon…

The same was true before the Civil War.  In fact that is the real reason for the Civil War. Like always, follow the money.

“For decades before the war, the South, through harsh tariffs, had been supplying about 85% of the country’s revenue, nearly all of which was being spent in the North to boost its economy, build manufacturing, infrastructure, railroads, canals, etc. With the passage of the 47% Morrill Tariff the final nail was in the coffin. The South did not secede to protect slavery, they seceded over a dispute about unfair taxation, an oppressive Federal government, and the right to separate from that oppression and be governed “by consent”, exactly the same issues over which the Founding Fathers fought the Revolutionary War. When a member of Lincoln’s cabinet suggested he let the South go in peace as the founding documents allow, Lincoln famously replied, “Let the South go? Where, then, would we get our revenue!” He then launched a brutal, empirical war to keep the free and sovereign states, by force of arms, in the Union they had created and voluntarily joined, and then voluntarily left. This began his reign of terror.”

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It’s Time To Become Your Own Banker, Here’s How

by Simon Black via,

Sometimes I wonder why most of the giant mega-banks are based in New York.

They should be here in Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world. Because that’s precisely what they’re doing with your money.

Actually it’s not even your money.

From a legal perspective, every single penny you deposit at the bank becomes THEIR money thanks to the latest banking law signed by Obama. You’re nothing more than an unsecured creditor of the bank.

And now that they legally own what used to be your money, the bank can gamble it away on whatever crazy investment fad best serves their interests.

Here’s an easy way to understand it:

Imagine you were moving and needed to rent a storage facility for a few months to store your stuff.

You rent a U-Haul and move everything into the storage unit.

The way banking works, the second you drive away, the storage company now owns your furniture. Not you.

And as the brand new owners of what used to be your furniture, the storage company can do whatever they want with it.

They can rent out the furniture to another customer, charging steep fees to let a complete stranger sit on your sofa and watch your TV.

(Naturally you’ll never see a penny of that money.)

Of course, that complete stranger might not treat your furniture all that well. He might even destroy it. No more furniture.

Often the facilities get in on the business together; one storage company will rent your furniture to another company, which rents it to another, and then another.

After a while no one actually knows where your sofa is. But it doesn’t matter because the storage companies are all making lots of money, and few people ever really ask.

Eventually their standards drop so low that they stop performing credit checks altogether when someone wants to rent furniture from them.

They’ll rent your dining room table to anyone who walks through the door, even if that person has a history of destroying other people’s furniture.

After a while, these deadbeat rental customers have destroyed so much of other people’s furniture that there’s very little remaining.

A lot of the smaller storage companies aren’t able to stay in business because there is not much left to rent.

But the big ones… they all get together and go to the government, claiming that they’re way too important to go bankrupt.

They demand to be bailed out and tell all the politicians that society would collapse if their businesses failed.

The government listens, and the big storage companies receive a massive taxpayer bailout.

The Federal Furniture Reserve even turns on its manufacturing operation, creating countless sofas, love seats, and dining room sets out of thin air. And they give it all to the big storage companies for free so the big storage companies can make even more money.

The big storage companies are back in business, with what is left of your furniture and new Federal Reserve Furniture with top management rewarding themselves with record bonuses.

Funny thing, though, their bad behavior doesn’t really change. They still rent out what is left of your furniture to other people and provide zero transparency into those specific deals.

And rather than competing to provide the best service for their customers, they get together to fix their prices and bilk the consumer even more.

Hardly a month goes by without a major scandal where some storage company was found engaging in extremely unethical behavior.

Then the big day comes.  You decide that you’re ready to move in to your new house, so you go down to the storage facility and ask for your furniture back.

Instead, the storage facility treats you like a criminal suspect and gives you a bunch of excuses about why they can’t release “their” furniture.

They file a report with the government claiming that you’ve been acting suspiciously because you had the audacity to ask for your own sofa back.

Clearly no rational person would ever trust his/her furniture to such a corrupt and absurd storage industry.

Yet as ridiculous as it sounds, that’s pretty much our banking system in a nutshell.

And we trust our life’s savings to that system… something far more important than furniture.

The storage industry would never become that rotten because it’s still a relatively free market.

If the industry were scamming its customers, a bunch of entrepreneurs would quickly start better, more honest storage companies, driving the bad apples out of business.

That can’t really happen in the banking industry because starting a bank is almost impossible– trust me, I’ve started two of them.

I’ve had success, but it’s been one of the most time consuming, frustrating business ventures in my life thanks to the government.

And not enough people are doing this, so there isn’t going to be any serious competition to the mega banks anytime soon.

But there is a positive trend brewing: technology is starting to make banks obsolete.

Any basic retail function of a bank– deposits, loans, foreign exchange, funds transfers, etc. can already be done better, faster, and cheaper outside of the banking system.

You can keep funds in the blockchain, crowdfund a loan, use social networks and mobile apps to change money.

None of this requires a bank.

So, long-term, the banks are finished.

But for now, it makes sense for anyone who truly understands this scam to become your own banker, which you can do simply by holding some physical cash in a safe.

The fewer middlemen you have between you and your money, the safer you are.

And given that interest rates are still hovering near 5,000-year lows, it’s not like you’re giving up any meaningful interest.

So there’s practically no downside in taking this very simple step.

Do you have a Plan B?

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What actual treason looks like

If these progressives want to know what actual treason looks like, they should consult liberal lion Ted, The Swimmer,  Kennedy, who not only sent secret messages to the Soviets in the midst of the cold war, he also begged them to intervene in a U.S. presidential election in order to unseat President Ronald Reagan. That’s no exaggeration.

According to Soviet documents unearthed in the early 1990’s, Kennedy literally asked the Soviets, avowed enemies of the U.S., to intervene on behalf of the Democratic party in the 1984 elections. Kennedy’s communist communique was so secret that it was not discovered until 1991, eight years after Kennedy had initiated his Soviet gambit.

And Democrats all loved him for it!

Kennedy was first elected to the Senate in 1964 and due to his enormous popularity was re-elected in every subsequent Senate election, the most recent being the 2006 Senate election.

Kennedy was by far one of the most popular senators at the time of his death, being the, then, second-longest serving senator (behind Robert Byrd) within the U.S. Senate and having been placed on Time Magazine’s list of “America’s 10 Best Senators” in April 2006. Such was his influence and popularity, that Democratic candidates for the presidency consider his endorsement to be extremely valuable.

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Higher Education Is Now An Obscenely Profitable Racket

Student loan lenders are skimming tens of billions in profits scammed off of the taxpayers.  And they are bribing liberal politicians to expand The Higher Education Racket.

by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

“Legal” rackets have two essential components: a public-relations “cover” that obscures the racket and the mechanism that extracts the wealth from the “marks.” The Higher Education Racket qualifies on both counts:

1. The PR cover is “you all need a college diploma, and we’re here to make that happen.” Yea for more education!

2. The extraction mechanism is student loans. Here’s a chart that shows what happened relatively recently: your federal government began guaranteeing obscene profits to student-loan lenders and debt-serfdom for tens of millions of “marks” i.e. students.  Keep in mind the inflation rate has been below 2% for a decade…

The racket’s foul core is the cartel structure of higher education: if you want a college diploma, you must satisfy a cartel member–an accredited institution.

The problem, as I elaborate in my book The Nearly Free University and the Emerging Economy: The Revolution in Higher Education, accrediting the school gives no indication to employers if the student learned anything remotely useful, or indeed, anything at all.

Consider the study Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses which concluded that “American higher education is characterized by limited or no learning for a large proportion of students.”

While the vast majority of students learn little or nothing of value, the legions of overpaid administrators have expanded like rats on a verdant island (i.e. an island with unlimited money via student loans).

New Analysis Shows Problematic Boom In Higher Ed Administrators:

In all, from 1987 until 2011-12–the most recent academic year for which comparable figures are available—universities and colleges collectively added 517,636 administrators and professional employees, according to the analysis by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting.

“There’s just a mind-boggling amount of money per student that’s being spent on administration,” said Andrew Gillen, a senior researcher at the institutes. “It raises a question of priorities.”

The ratio of nonacademic employees to faculty has also doubled. There are now two nonacademic employees at public and two and a half at private universities and colleges for every one full-time, tenure-track member of the faculty.

The number of employees in central system offices has increased six-fold since 1987, and the number of administrators in them by a factor of more than 34.

Paying a bloated, overpaid-admin-heavy institution for the privilege of sitting through four years of lectures, online courses and a few labs no longer makes sense for the vast majority of students. What makes sense is dispensing with the entire bureaucracy of the cartel and costly campuses altogether, and designing directed apprenticeships which combine the best of online coursework with on-the-job training in workplaces.

The vast majority of student are better served by mastering the 8 essential skills required in the emerging economy–skills that students can acquire on their own, a process of accrediting yourself that I address in detail in Get a Job, Build a Real Career and Defy a Bewildering Economy.

Forgiving skyrocketing student debt won’t solve the real problem which is the soaring costs imposed by a cartel that is failing to prepare students for the economy of tomorrow.

As I explain in my books, the only real solution is accredit the student, not the school.

These charts illustrate the soaring costs and diminishing returns of a higher education diploma:

The yield (in earnings) on the increasingly unaffordable college degree is declining sharply:

While the higher-ed cartel is failing the students, it’s enriching itself immensely. Assistant deans of student loans and thousands of other administrators who we managed to do without a generation ago are raking in huge salaries and fat benefits/pensions.

Meanwhile, over in the financial racket that’s enabled functionaries to skim $200,000 a year for doing essentially nothing remotely related to students actually learning anything remotely applicable in the real-world economy, student loan lenders are skimming tens of billions in profits guaranteed by the taxpayers. Yes, tens of billions: $140 billion in pure guaranteed profit has been skimmed off the hapless student debt-serfs herded into the shearing machine known as higher education.

There is something Kafka-esque and Orwellian about calling this vast machine for reaping taxpayer-guaranteed obscene profits “higher education.”

Gordon Long has done some outstanding work clarifying the purposefully obscure swamp of obscene profits reaped from student debt-serfs. Gordon and I explain how the racket works in How College Has Become A Racket! (45 min. video program).

I invite you to learn more about how our predatory, parasitic, neofeudal nightmare “higher education” system enriches the few at the expense of the many:

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