Pastor storms out of Trump’s ‘demonic’ rally: ‘My 11-year-old daughter was sobbing in fear’

I read this following account from a “pastor” and I think he is a liar.  He tells a story of a humble church pastor who only wanted to take his 11-year-old daughter to see the President of the United States but ended up facing down the devil.  I don’t believe a word he says.  The whole account sounds fake to me.  The pastor admitted he was not really a personal fan of Trump – then why go?  My guess is that he is a rabid anti-Trump left wingnut and his “refugee” money spigot is in danger of getting turned off and he will no longer be living high on the hog off the government refugee resettlement checks.

But See what you think…

Pastor storms out of Trump’s ‘demonic’ rally: ‘My 11-year-old daughter was sobbing in fear’

A pastor attending President Trump’s campaign rally in Florida last weekend had a horrific experience.


Pastor Joel Tooley

Pastor Joel Tooley, who heads the First Church of the Nazarene in Melbourne, Florida, is warning his Facebook followers of the demagoguery of Donald Trump. Tooley said he attended the rally with his 11-year-old daughter so she could see the President of the United States in person.

“After all, how many times do you get to see the President of the United States in person – let alone in your hometown? I was eager for her to have this experience. It has to be a pretty cool thing, as a kid to see Air Force One, the President and the First Lady,” Tooley wrote. However, the rally took on a decidedly darker tone when the “religious zeal” Trump’s supporters had for the president became more pronounced.

“As [President Donald Trump and First Lady Melanie Trump] entered the venue and walked to the platform, there was terrific celebration. I have been in the room when other Presidents were in a similar mode – it is always such a meaningful experience to be that close to them, regardless of whether or not you view them with adoration. Theeeee President of the USA!

“The First Lady approached the platform and in her rich accent, began to recite the Lord’s prayer.

“I can’t explain it, but I felt sick. This wasn’t a prayer beseeching the presence of Almighty God, it felt theatrical and manipulative.

“People across the room were reciting it as if it were a pep squad cheer. At the close of the prayer, the room erupted in cheering. It was so uncomfortable. I observed that Mr. Trump did not recite the prayer until the very last line, “be the glory forever and ever, amen!” As he raised his hands in the air, evoking a cheer from the crowd, “USA! USA! USA!””

Then when a group of protesters began criticizing Trump in the audience, who were chanting, “T…R…U-M-P! That’s how you spell bigotry!” The rally attendees became what Rev. Tooley referred to as “an angry mob,” saying the campaign signs in their hands were the only thing that prevented people in the crowd from injuring the protesters.

I didn’t actually want a Trump sign, but one of the volunteers had shoved it into my hands as I walked through the door earlier; “Make America Great Again!” That sign probably saved someone from getting hurt. I held the sign close to my chest as I positioned myself between the chanting protesters and the angry mob. My 11-year-old daughter was clinging to my arm, sobbing in fear.

As Rev. Tooley began to intervene, saying he instinctually became “a protector,” he heard one Trump supporter nearby shout, “I’m going to take you out! This is my president and nobody has the right to disrespect him and nobody has the right to keep me from hearing him!”

“I wish I could have captured the expressions of that man on camera. I will never forget him,” Tooley wrote.

The little girl on her mother’s back was crying, completely frightened. I leaned forward and reassured her in her ear, “Your mommy is being brave and we will not let these people hurt you. You are afraid because these are angry, awful people. We will not let them hurt you or your mommy. You are being so brave and your mommy is doing something very brave.”

That’s when another lady screamed in my face that what I was doing was un-American. I just chuckled and responded, “What I am doing is completely American – I’m standing up for people who are being bullied – it doesn’t matter if I agree with them or not. You came here to see the President, now ignore these ladies, turn around and enjoy the show.” Without explanation, they calm down and turned around to hear what Trump had to say.

The two protesters then moved towards the back and left the building. I got a couple of high-fives and “thanks for stepping up for them” from bystanders. I wanted to say, “Thanks. Where were you when the demons were screaming and fists were getting ready to start swinging?”

Tooley remarked that the event reminded him of religious services he had attended when watching how the crowd reacted to what Trump was saying.

“I realized then that we were not listening to someone presidential, we were listening to someone terribly powerful,” He said. My kid was shaken – she had just seen some of the worst of humanity.”


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CIA Agent Resigned Because Of Trump’s Rhetoric

But he’s been OK with the all of the illegal CIA drug running during the entire Obama regime?

Resign over rhetoric, but have no problems with actual illegal activity?

Trump just may have created a self draining swamp.

“Donald Trump’s rhetoric suggested that he intended to take a different approach. I watched in disbelief when, during the third presidential debate, Trump casually cast doubt on the high-confidence conclusion of our 17 intelligence agencies, released that month, that Russia was behind the hacking and release of election-related emails. On the campaign trail and even as president-elect, Trump routinely referred to the flawed 2002 assessment of Iraq’s weapons programs as proof that the CIA couldn’t be trusted — even though the intelligence community had long ago held itself to account for those mistakes.”

There is a big difference between holding yourself accountable and fixing the problems.

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Middle schooler is docked 15 points by a leftist educator because she didn’t bash Trump

– but, this is not even unusual in the modern public indoctrination system

(Lifezette) Teachers tasked by taxpayers with educating their children are instead inserting their own anti-Trump biases into their lesson plans.

A Staten Island, New York, educator teacher placed an anti-President Trump question onto a middle school homework assignment — and then defended it as “freedom of speech,” reported The New York Post.

“Please keep your political views to yourself and do not try to influence my children on them. Thank you,” the dad wrote to the teacher.

Vincent Ungro, a dad from Annadale, New York, has an 11-year-old daughter who attends I.S. (Intermediate School) 75. She asked him for help with her vocabulary homework last Friday night because she was trying to fill in the blanks from a word bank to complete her assignment — and was really puzzled.

“President Trump speaks in a very superior and _________ manner insulting many people. He needs to be more __________ so that the American people respect and admire him,” read one homework sentence.

The next question was: “Barack Obama set a _________ when he became the first African-American president.”

And what were the choices for the two questions, you ask? These three words: “haughty,” “humble,” and “precedent.” You can guess which ones were meant to be the “correct” answers in this teacher’s mind.

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The ‘fake news’ hysteria

by Joseph Farah

As someone who has been in the news business for more than 40 years, can I let you in on a little secret?

“Fake news” has always been with us.

Long before the Internet came along two decades ago, there was “fake news” – meaning wildly inaccurate stories, reports made up out of whole cloth, intentionally misleading news accounts and groundless, politically motivated hit jobs by activists masquerading as journalists.

How do I know this?

Because I witnessed it – from the inside out. For 20 years, I was reporter, editor and top executive at major-market daily newspapers in the so-called “mainstream media.” I hate to sound condescending, but very few people have that kind of experience. Those who’ve had the opportunity to run daily newspapers in major markets represent a very small club, not that we have meetings. And no one, besides me, with that kind of comparable experience went on to found the first independent online news-gathering organization in the world.

I say this not to boast, but to explain that I have a unique vantage point from which to discuss changes in the news business over the last four decades.

So, let me put this “fake news” hysteria in perspective.

It’s always been there. That’s not to excuse it. That’s not to suggest it doesn’t warrant exposure and condemnation. The problem? “Fake news” very much seems to be in the eye of the beholder. One man’s “exposé” is another man’s “fake news” story. Long gone are the days when common standards and practices were part of a journalist’s code of ethics.

What’s different today?

Anyone can set up a blog in five minutes, make up stories and reach a potential audience of billions.
Anyone can post a “fake news” story on Facebook in one minute and mislead and potentially deceive millions.
News – fake or otherwise – travels at the speed of light from east to west and west to east with no guardrails.

But, there’s something much more sinister at work in our world today. What we euphemistically call “the mainstream media” are not mainstream at all. They (and I use “they” advisedly because “media” is a plural noun) have little in common with Main Street. Collectively, they are part of an insular culture of elitists who actually believe they have a monopoly on truth, when, in fact, they only have a monopoly on hubris.

What we call the “mainstream media” are the biggest purveyors of “fake news” in the universe. Why? Because of audience size and reach, and because they long ago dropped all but pretense at seeking objective truth. They don’t even believe in objective truth – except when it comes to their own narrow opinions.

How else can one explain, for instance, their complete sell-out to the fraud of man-made, catastrophic, carbon-driven climate change? They sell it like a religion. If one is even skeptical of this ideologically driven fear-mongering, then one is a rube, a “denier,” a bumpkin, a barbarian, a buffoon. The theory is devoid of evidence. It is nothing more than a tool of those who seek to create a new economic order under the control of a ruling global elite.

Of course, what would the gilded purveyors of reality have to say about that accusation? “Conspiracy theorist!”

You see, under the rules of “fake news” hysteria, differences of opinion, differences in perspective, differences in worldview are tantamount to heresy, which today calls for figuratively burning your opposition at the stake.

The question then becomes how does one deal with the reality of “fake news”? I would suggest to you that, as annoying as it is to me when I see people believe lies and, further, how little discernment most people demonstrate, more information is almost always better than less.

Were we better off when there were three network newscasts and all of them peddled the same party line?

Is it better to have a consensus of public opinion based on only one official set of “facts”?

Should we allow Facebook, Google or some government entity censor what they determine to be lies?

Or, are we better off sticking with the wisdom of America’s founders who, in crafting the First Amendment and its unique special protections for free speech and freedom of the press, recognized no one but God actually has a monopoly on truth?

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The U.S. Constitution now applies to every human on earth… complete insanity

Virginia travel-ban judge: Foreigners have constitutional rights.  We are no longer a sovereign nation


‘Courts are fundamentally flipping national sovereignty and federal immigration powers’

A federal judge in Virginia has dealt another blow to President Trump’s travel ban by issuing a preliminary injunction to halt its enforcement within the state.

by Paul Bremmer

An overreaching federal judge in Virginia has dealt another blow to President Trump’s travel ban by issuing a preliminary injunction to halt its enforcement within the state.

But U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema’s ruling – that it likely violates First Amendment protections of the freedom of religion, according to the Hill – is a stunner.

It would mean the judge believes Trump’s executive order discriminates against Muslims and that foreigners have constitutional rights.

That alarms Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review.

He said the judge is suggesting First Amendment protections apply to Muslims overseas who wish to come to the United States, meaning any person or terrorist in the world could potentially litigate their way into some sort of legal status in the United States.

“That is the premise of this judge’s ruling and several others, including Dolly Gee in California and James Robart in Washington, that the starting point is that everyone potentially has a right to immigrate,” Horowitz told WND. “That’s the starting point. They go from there: ‘Well, does the government have a substantial interest in denying’ their so-called right?

“And from there, it’s a political debate over how much evidence you think the government should produce to deny them entry,” he said.

“And, of course, in the estimation of the liberal courts, which have accepted the liberal political arguments behind open borders, no amount of evidence is ever going to be enough. But again, the broader point is why should the government have to provide any evidence if there’s no affirmative right to immigrate?”

Horowitz pointed out the judge is placing the onus on the government regarding matters of immigration and placing America’s national sovereignty in question.

“Any bar to clear that forces the government to produce evidence why a person shouldn’t be admitted creates a default right to immigrate and necessarily reduces our sovereignty, necessarily infringes upon our right to self-government,” Horowitz declared.

Horowitz, who wrote the book “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges From Transforming America,” is wary of the growing power of the judicial branch.

He said conservative legal scholars miss the point if they think they could have prevented the Trump administration’s legal troubles by writing a better order or making a better argument in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Horowitz sees something much more fundamental shifting under the surface.

“The courts are fundamentally flipping national sovereignty and federal immigration powers on their head,” he said. “They’re not going after Trump. When you say something is unconstitutional, it’s not a matter of saying the president didn’t follow statutes; it’s a matter of saying even if Congress were to do a similar thing, it would be unconstitutional.”

Horowitz also believes it’s not just about immigration from a few Muslim countries, but all of illegal immigration as well.

“Once you force the government to produce evidence as to why they don’t want a certain class or certain individual immigrants, and once there’s either a First or 14th Amendment right to come here, that means that by default there is a right to remain, even for illegal aliens,” Horowitz reasoned.

He pointed out the ACLU is already planning a “rapid response team” to encumber every single deportation the Trump administration attempts.

Because the federal courts have become so reliably liberal, Horowitz expects them to side with the ACLU more often than not. In fact, Horowitz said it wouldn’t surprise him if the courts ban deportations, even though every single president has ordered them, including Barack Obama.

“The courts are so political,” he said. “There’s no jurisprudence, there’s no reading of the Constitution, there’s no reading of settled case law, there’s no reading of statutes. They literally look at their version of news reports of the Trump presidency, and they believe he’s a very bad person. They believe he’s very tyrannical, and, therefore, they’re going to take powers that he executes that have been used by every other president and give the sense that they’re anomalous and illegal and unconstitutional and throw them out.”

Horowitz pointed out the courts are creating a due process right for the entire world, which is a dangerous proposition.

He said people clearly have a right to due process before they are punished under the law, but due process does not apply to those who simply wish to enter the country and remain against the national will. He said the courts are “bastardizing” the concept of due process, and that is one of the reasons Trump will not be able to get anywhere with his immigration agenda under the current federal court system.

“Trump will not be able to even enforce existing law, much less use discretion delegated by Congress to ratchet up enforcement over and beyond that, because the courts will throw it out,” Horowitz said. “The courts have made it very clear that they don’t believe in our current laws.”

He said judges know what counts are the headlines written about their rulings, not the actual text of their opinions. Therefore, they can rule that Trump acted unconstitutionally and the media will run with that, because they believe Trump to be a tyrant.

“But what the judges ignore, according to Horowitz, are five statutes that give the president express authority, any time and for any reason, to regulate the immigrant flow in various ways. The powers have been used dozens of times in recent decades, Horowitz noted, and there has been very little litigation over them because most legal experts recognized they were legitimate presidential powers. But all that has changed under Trump.

It makes Horowitz wonder where the courts will finally stop their usurpation of presidential authority.

“Could a university now sue in court to say that they want a particular individual sitting in Yemen or Somalia to come join their university, and if you don’t let them in, we’ll sue you in court and the government will have to produce evidence to the contrary?” Horowitz wondered.

“So this is all to say when you create an affirmative right to immigrate, there is no limit to that Pandora’s Box you just opened up. We are no longer a sovereign nation.”

Who REALLY rules America? Stand up against the unelected tyrants in black.

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Skipping The Super Bowl Winning Team’s White House Meeting Has Been Going On For Years

After winning his fifth Super Bowl in the last 16 years, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Monday responded to the fact that several of his players won’t be joining the team to visit the White House.

So far, Devin McCourty, Martellus Bennett, Chris Long, LeGarrette Blount, and a handful of other players have said they won’t accompany their teammates for the traditional White House visit in the coming months.

But Kraft said there’s something very “interesting” about the media coverage the statement has garnered this year:

“Well, you know what’s interesting, this is our, I’m happy to say, fifth Super Bowl in the last 16 years,” Kraft said on the Today Show Monday. “And every time we’ve had the privilege of going to the White House, a dozen of our players don’t go. This is the first time it’s gotten any media attention.”

Winning players have skipped meeting Obama every year he was in office.

Even Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady skipped the team’s White House visit In 2015 with Obama.

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Mike Flynn May Face Felony Charges For Lying To The FBI

It’s funny how liberals suddenly think lying to the FBI is a huge deal.

The FBI had no problem letting Hillary Clinton off the hook despite numerous lies to the FBI for over 2 years; Mike Flynn may not be so lucky.

Yesterday, media reports hit that FBI agents interviewed Michael Flynn when he was national security adviser in the first days of the Trump administration about his conversations with the Russian ambassador.

While it is not clear what he said in his interview, the FBI now adds that investigators “believed that Mr. Flynn was not entirely forthcoming, the officials said.” That avenue raises the stakes of what so far has been a political scandal that cost Mr. Flynn his job, and which Sean Spicer explained today was merely a matter of Trump “losing trust” in his Security advisor, because if authorities conclude that Mr. Flynn knowingly lied to the F.B.I., “it could expose him to a felony charge”, even though some have questioned how an illegally obtained transcript of his phone conversation could be admissible as evidence in a court of law.

Double Standard

The NYT adds that it was shortly after the F.B.I. interview, on Jan. 26, that the acting attorney general, Sally Yates, told the White House that Flynn was vulnerable to “Russian blackmail” because of inconsistencies between what he had said publicly and what intelligence officials knew to be true, as the WaPo reported last night, launching the sequence of events that ultimately led to Flynn’s resignation. And yet Hillary Clinton would not have been vulnerable to blackmail because of inconsistencies between what she had said publicly and what intelligence officials knew to be true? At issue is a conversation during the presidential transition in which Flynn spoke to the Russian ambassador about sanctions levied against Russia by the Obama administration. The call spurred an investigation by the FBI into whether Flynn had violated the rarely invoked Logan Act, which prohibits private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments in disputes with the United States.

It was here that the NSA, which routinely eavesdrops on calls and scans emails involving high-ranking foreign diplomats, got involved and recorded the phone call.

Looks like it was also the NSA setting a double standard when they were unable to keep up with any of Hillery’s 35,000 deleted emails.

Michael Flynn should be fired and investigated if he did what he is accused of, but the liberal double standard is unbelievable.

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