The Hillary Tapes and Hard Choices

The reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book “Hard Choices” are downright one-sided – and terrible. That likely explains why, as AP reports, sales have crashed 44% after an already disappointing first week. “Hard Choices” sold just 48,000 copies in its 2nd week; and following the same dismal path as Gore, Greenspan, Cramer, and Geithner; has been discounted 40% on Amazon already.

Somehow I doubt if this particular “hard choice” was detailed in her book:

The Washington Free Beacon and some other sites are revealing “The Hillary Tapes”:

It is a recorded interview that was archived at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, now dubbed the Hillary Tapes.

On those tapes, Hillary can be heard giggling about how she underhandedly managed to get the rapist of a 12-year-old girl a lesser charge of unlawful fondling of a minor under the age of 14.  Self-professed women’s advocate Hillary Clinton’s defense single-handedly lowered a five-year prison sentence of a repeat child rapist to 10 months for time already served.

During the trial, a little girl was put through what she now, at age 52, describes as “hell” by none other than Hillary Clinton, whose defense strategy was to “impugn the credibility of the victim,” a skill Mrs. Clinton has continued to hone over the years.  Case in point: Hillary calling Monica Lewinsky “a narcissistic loony-toon.”

Hillary admits she had zero guilt about exploiting the tried-and-true “putting the victim on trial” technique on a young girl, knowing full well, and admitting on tape, that the little girl was innocent.  After accusing the 12-year-old rape victim of seeking out older men, Hillary, who Bill once called “smartest woman in the world,” deceitfully used that allegation to require that the injured child undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Simply disgusting (even for a lawyer), but classic Clintonesque behavior.

This is would be a more believable non-fiction book:

hillary-clinton-glasses-3This rape trial probably didn’t make it to the book because, honestly, it wasn’t even considered a “hard choice” by Hillary.  She will abuse anyone to gain power, and do so without remorse.

But there are a lot of ignorant women that will fall over themselves to vote for Hillary the same way minorities voted for Obama.

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