Mad Max Is Here

When it comes to fighting the blood thirsty barbaric beheaders known as ISIS, the outnumbered and unfunded Kurdish fighters appear to have gone to the 1979 Mel Gibson movie “Mad Max” for inspiration. While significantly outgunned by The Islamic State, the Kurds have created a fleet of well-armored, elaborately-designed, ominous-looking battle-buses by converting tractors and trucks into tanks…

See if you can spot the difference…

1979 Movie Mad Max…

2014 Kurdish fighters…

Kurdish Build Mad Max Road Warrior Tanks

Kurdish Build Mad Max Road Warrior Tanks



Kurdish Build Mad Max Road Warrior Tanks


Kurdish Build Mad Max Road Warrior Tanks


Obama is only interested in aiding Sunni Muslim opposition to ISIS, arming groups whose sympathies are both questionable and subject to change overnight. He refuses to aid the most reliable allies – Christians and Kurds, those who are facing the gravest and most immediate threat from these beasts. The problem in the Middle East is not that Sunni Muslims don’t have enough arms. It’s that Muslims in general have too many – and too much power.

So to sum up – ISIS (the enemy) is using the latest and greatest United States military equipment that it either stole or was given, and the Kurdish Peshmurga (our allies) are using old tractors and trucks cobbled together with steel plates, coat hangers and duct tape.

Surreal images.

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