Fair Election? Not a Chance

by Christopher Monckton

Voter fraud gives democrats a huge advantage.

Voter fraud probably gave Mr. Obama the victory in 2012. It may well prove to be crucial in deciding the tight race to capture the Senate in 2014.

As many as one in six of the millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. are registered to vote, and surveys of this group have shown that nearly all of those who do vote will vote “Democrat.”

Contrary to what democrats will have you believe, illegal aliens do not have a right to vote in US elections.  But the do vote and they vote democrat.

Why do the illegals vote this way? The answer lies in a simple metric that has driven the “Democrat” campaign for a decade.

Here is how the elementary math works:

1) Immigrants, like black and Hispanic people already here, tend to be poorer than average. So the “Democrats” court them and subsidize them with money taken from wealthier middle-class white Americans.

2) Fewer people pay high taxes than pay no taxes, so every “Democrat” measure to transfer wealth from the few to the many wins democrats more votes than they lose.

It is simple math, and it is as simple as that.

Yet even the wholesale voter registration fraud organized by the “Democrats” is not enough. They are also flagrantly abusing power to terrorize conservative political action campaign groups.

We have already seen how the Infernal Revenue Service (which the GOP must abolish as its first action as soon as it commands both houses of Congress) cynically and deliberately targeted conservative PACs only in an attempt to drive them out of business.

This is the worst crime a civil service can commit: willful interference in the political process on the side of one or other of the parties. To cover it up, the IRS “lost” all the emails of the guilty parties. And the GOP slept on.

Now the crazed attorney general of Milwaukee County, one John Chisholm, has again targeted conservative businesses on the flimsiest of baseless pretexts by sending armed thugs with battering-rams to smash down the doors of his political opponents at 6 a.m. in KGB-style raids right across the county.

The computers even of sleeping children still in their pajamas were snatched. The children’s clothes drawers were emptied onto the floor. The SS or the KGB could not have done it better.

The one thing that is clear about these illegal raids is that no prosecutions will follow from them. However, conservative groups have been cowed into silence, as intended, and have been terrified into spending campaign funds on defensive litigation in the hope that they will escape Sturmbannführer Chisholm’s dawn raids on their homes and families.

The “Democrats” have never forgiven Gov. Scott Walker, one of the titular heroes of this column, for having successfully fended off another of their unpleasant tactics (though at least on this occasion it was a lawful one): a fortunately failed attempt at a recall election.

Yet the true reason for the viciousness of Obergruppenführer Chisholm has not hitherto been noticed by the sleepy Marxstream media. It is that Gov. Walker, in his excellent administration of the state of Wisconsin, has demonstrated what all sane observers will regard as the single most necessary qualification for the next president of the United States: By an alluring combination of diplomacy and determination, he has staved off the impending bankruptcy menaced by the monstrous overspending of the previous “Democrat” administration.

The heftiest of the many problems faced by whoever cleans up the fiscal mess left behind by the inept and amateur Mr. Obama is the crippling and potentially fatal national debt.

Mr. Walker is the one man who has demonstrated the hard way – not only that he has understood how serious the problem of debt is and that he knows how to clear it up – that he knows how to withstand the army of whingeing vested interests that will always stand in the way of prudent fiscal policy.

The GOP, which has twice in succession proven incapable of making a sensible and competent choice of presidential candidate – first the elderly McCain, who (on climate change at any rate) was gaga, then Mr. Nasty Romney, with his immensely stupid remark about how little he cared for the host of disadvantaged voters who thereupon flocked to the “Democrats” in unprecedented numbers.

Reichskorporal Chisholm would not have mounted his dawn raids on the bedrooms of innocent, sleeping children unless he had had some heavy political protection from higher up.

The truth is that the “Democrats” are justifiably terrified of Mr. Walker. They know that he could well win the Republican nomination (assuming, that is, that the GOP at last wakes up to the realization that the end and object of taking part in presidential elections is to kinda win them).

And they know that if Mr. Walker wins the nomination, they can say goodbye to the White House for eight years. And then they can say a long goodbye to Mr. Obama, who will be behind bars for a good deal longer than eight years for his part in the conspiracy to forge his birth certificate along with other felonies, and to leave it as a continuing fraud against the voters on the White House website long after everyone could smell the kipper behind the radiator.

Hence the Wehrmacht’s battering-rams and its brutal terrorizing of little children in their beds. Expect voter fraud on a hitherto-unprecedented scale not only in the present election but also in 2016, especially if Mr Walker is – as he should be – the presidential candidate.

The price of liberty, said Edmund Burke (who, like me, empathized with your Founding Fathers and their ambitions for your great nation), is eternal vigilance. The “Democrats” are now no longer mere political opponents; they are the vicious, sworn enemy of the United States, and they will do all in their power in the forthcoming elections to cling on to the power to destroy it. Watch those voter registrations, or lose America.

by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, high priest of climate skepticism, advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, wrote leaders for the Yorkshire Post, was editor of the Catholic paper The Universe, managing editor of the Telegraph Sunday Magazine, assistant editor of Today, and consulting editor of the Evening Standard. He invented the million-selling “Eternity Puzzles,” “Sudoku X” and a promising treatment for infections.

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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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