The so-called Syrian refugees are here

If you could devise a plan to make innocent Americans as vulnerable as possible, you couldn’t do it better than Barack Obama. The unbelievable madness continues with this administration, and when you think it can’t get any worse, it does.

Even after ISIS’ Paris terror attack takes the lives of 129 with over 350 wounded, Obama stands by his plan to import 100,000 Syrian refugees per year over the next two years. Even after reports from Paris officials and French President Hollande that at least one of the suicide bombers had entered Europe with a group of refugees from Syria, Obama still ignores danger that is coming our way.

Is this just stupidity, or is it planned destruction of this country? No one who had any concern for the basic safety of the United States would make such a mind-blowing mistake. Already, busloads of Syrian refugees have arrived in New Orleans, and there are more on the way. We have also planned to spend $4.5 billion in humanitarian aid to help them. We don’t know who these people are – there is no way to even check their identities, our own FBI has told us that, so what could possibly go wrong?

I have heard people in favor of bringing these so-called refugees in because they “refuse to live in fear.” That is like saying, “I refuse to lock my doors because I refuse to live in fear.”

I have also heard people say that we have a duty to take these people in.  But our first duty is to protect innocent Americans.  We have taken plenty of refugees, real war torn refugees, in the past but we have never imported the enemy while fighting against them.  Imagine importing a quarter million Japanese soldiers to mainland USA in 1942 .

And I know a lot of church leaders are always in favor of importing refugees, no questions asked because it is the Christian thing to do.  But protecting your family against evil is also a Christian thing to do.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16

Christians always seem more than willing to be harmless as doves, but skip the wise as serpents command.

Because it is one thing to take children and the elderly who have had their homes and families ripped from them by the war, or to take the Christians that have been savagely persecuted by ISIS.  But that is not what we are taking.

so called refugees ariving in munichso called Syrian refugees arriving in Munich, September 2015

(What is wrong with this picture?)

Even before the attack on Paris we saw reports coming out of Europe with images of a mass migration of “refugees” violently storming the train stations, roads and borders of European countries. We could see and it was reported that the vast majority of these refugees were NOT the elderly, or women and children, but young men between the ages of 18-35 who seemed to be strong and able to fight. The media did its best to emphasize and try to find stories of women and children, but they were not easily found; it was predominantly young males that were pictured. Most of these refugees are not even the persecuted Christians fleeing ISIS, but more likely Muslim Syrians.  Where are their families?  Did they leave them behind to be killed?

2C438A8800000578-0-image-m-15_1442147543306Syrian “Refugees”

What better way for ISIS to infiltrate the countries of the infidels than to send their trained soldiers and young jihadists in with groups of people fleeing Syria to disappear into the population, set up terror cells and plan attacks? That is how they operate. ISIS is not stupid. They know that the liberal wing of governments in Europe and the U.S. will clutch their bleeding hearts and open their doors and pocketbooks to anyone and everyone with hardly a question asked. How easy this is for them. They recruit impressionable young people to their side and then send trained soldiers to wreak havoc on innocent citizens – citizens who expect their governments to protect them, not set them up like sitting ducks for slaughter.

ap_ap-photo139-wi-640x427More Syrian “Refugees”

Yet, the leftist agenda in Europe and the United States not only allows open borders and invites God knows who into their countries, but they succeed or try to succeed in disarming their own populace so that the citizens can’t even protect themselves! France was an easy target for ISIS, and they knew it. Paris was a “gun-free zone” – the concert, the stadium, the malls, even the sidewalk cafes. These terrorists knew that no one would shoot back when they slowly massacred those at the Bataclan concert hall. That is why they were slow and methodical and reloaded again and again.

You would think that someone in the Democratic Party would have a brain and stand up and suggest that bringing in thousands upon thousands of refugees is not a good idea, but no, even at the latest Democratic debate the candidates were all in lockstep and completely in agreement with Obama about bringing them in. None of them saw this situation as even slightly problematic. They also don’t really see radical Islamic terrorists as America’s biggest problem, and when asked about it, Bernie Sanders said that climate change was the No. 1 problem facing the world right now. Hillary Clinton gave a lukewarm response with no real answer. These people are actually being considered to take the oath of office of president and given the job of protecting us?

Those of us who can see with clear eyes the reality facing us know that the right and only thing to do now is to decimate ISIS wherever they are. The time for talking is over; we aren’t playing around anymore. We can take them out quickly if we are allowed to. The French may be talking big right now with their vow to destroy ISIS, but they are really waiting for us to do something. We also need to stop the incoming refugees right now, close the borders and start smoking out the jihadists already embedded in our cities. If we start acting like the Uncle Sam we used to be, these radical vermin will be eliminated. And if we don’t, and we follow the Democrats, then we will be witnessing more 9/11s and more Paris-like attacks or worse.

Obama won’t do it. He won’t do anything except maybe a few little drone attacks or bombing missions. And oh yes, he’ll send over 50 troops to be “advisers.” He wants to get out of office and leave the mess to someone else.

We need a leader. Someone who can see clearly what needs to be done and has the brains, guts and courage to do it.


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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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