The Burden of Damascus

With Syria in the headlines, it may be a good time to remember what the Bible has to say about Syria, and specifically Damascus, the capital and the second-largest city of Syria. We have already witnessed one of the worst humanitarian destructions in a war torn Syria. But there is more to come. As Isaiah 17 tells us, in the near future, Damascus, home of the Presidential Palace and residence for the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, will once again play a major role in prophecy.  Its total destruction will occur.

Isaiah 17:1

This message came to me concerning Damascus:

“Look, the city of Damascus will disappear!
It will become a heap of ruins.

2 The towns of Aroer will be deserted.
Flocks will graze in the streets and lie down undisturbed,
with no one to chase them away.

3 The fortified towns of Israel[a] will also be destroyed,
and the royal power of Damascus will end.
All that remains of Syria[b]
will share the fate of Israel’s departed glory,”
declares the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

4 “In that day Israel’s[c] glory will grow dim;
its robust body will waste away.

5 The whole land will look like a grainfield
after the harvesters have gathered the grain.
It will be desolate,
like the fields in the valley of Rephaim after the harvest.

6 Only a few of its people will be left,
like stray olives left on a tree after the harvest.
Only two or three remain in the highest branches,
four or five scattered here and there on the limbs,”
declares the Lord, the God of Israel.

7 Then at last the people will look to their Creator
and turn their eyes to the Holy One of Israel.

The fact that Damascus is standing as a super city today, and is known as the world’s oldest continuously-inhabited city:, tells us that this is a unfilled prophecy.The event that is still waiting to manifest is the complete annihilation of Damascus, “a ruinous heap” and made “uninhabitable.” While there has been damage to Damascus in the past, it has never been completely destroyed. But Isaiah tells us that one day, the city will cease to exist.


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