Trump Vindicated: TV proof of 9/11 cheers

CBS newscast in 2001describes ‘swarms’ of celebrating Muslims on roof in NJ

A newly emerged CBS News video from 2001 flies in the face of the national media pointing fingers at Donald Trump, accusing him of lying about the reports of thousands of Muslims cheering on rooftops after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  The mainstream media dedicated many hours of air time over the past couple of weeks on this “serious issue.”

It looks like the only detail in question is whether there were hundreds or thousands of Muslims celebrating.

This hardly seems worth bickering about when you consider the million lies of Hillary and the fact that she has been committing felonies for decades.

And when you consider the dozens of Obama gaffes that the media ignores.

For a good comparison of media bias, look at this particular Obama gaffe:

In May 2007, a tornado hit Greensburg Kansas.  A few days later Obama told a campaign crowd in Virginia, “Ten thousand people died – an entire town destroyed…Turns out that the National Guard in Kansas only had 40 percent of its equipment,” Obama dissembled, “and they are having to slow down the recovery process in Kansas.”  It’s turrible,  just turrible.

In fact, however, the National Guard had plenty of resources, in part because the actual death toll in Greensburg was 12 (twelve).

Obama count: 10,000

Actual count: 12

Media attention: ZERO

And Obama’s memory only had to last three days.  This had happened three days ago at the time of Obama’s speech, not 15 years in the past like in the Trump case.

The video, from September 16, 2001, from WCBS-TV, the CBS owned and operated station in New York City, actually reports something virtually identical – that “swarms” of Muslims cheered from rooftops over the terrorist attacks that killed and injured thousands of Americans.

As Breitbart found, the CBS newsman said in the video: “Just a couple of blocks away from that Jersey City apartment, the FBI raided yesterday and had evidence removed, there is another apartment building, one that investigators told me, quote, ‘was swarming with suspects’ — suspects who were cheering on the roof when they saw the planes slam into the Trade Center. Police were called to the building by neighbors and found eight men celebrating, six of them tenants in the building.”

The newscaster went on, the video showed: “The FBI and other terrorist task force agencies arrived, and the older investigators on the task force recalled that they had been to this building before, eight years ago, when the first World Trade Center attack led them to Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, whose Jersey City mosque lies between the two buildings getting attention today. And the older investigators remember that the suspects that eventually got convicted for the first Trade Center case … lived in the building where these same eight men were celebrating the destruction that they saw from the roof. Calling this a hot address, the task force investigators ordered everyone detained.”

The video would seem to fly in the face of a massive media attack on Trump for his previous claims of seeing Muslims cheering on rooftops over the terror attacks. Specifically, he told an Alabama campaign crowd he “watched the World Trade Center go down” on television and shortly after, watched in New Jersey “as thousands of people were cheering as the building was coming down.” He then went on “This Week” on ABC and said “there were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey where you have large Arab populations … as the World Trade Center came down,” as WND previously reported.

For that, Trump was completely vilified by the press. The Washington Post’s factchecker slammed him with a rating of four Pinocchios, the tag given those who tell the biggest whoppers. The factchecker was later forced to tone down his critical rhetoric, after readers pointed out reports from his own employer, the Washington Post, published on September 18, 2001, of cheering Muslims from nearby rooftops.

Fox News star Bill O’Reilly just told his national television audience Tuesday evening he conducted his own investigation of Trump’s claims, but came up short. O’Reilly Speaking with fellow Fox newsman Eric Shawn, the two agreed there was no evidence to back Trump’s talk of “thousands” cheering in the Garden State and that the frontrunner candidate likely “conflated” two things, Mediaite reported.

As the news outlet wrote: “People are arguing falsely that the fact that only eight suspects were apprehended contradicts the ‘swarm’ claim. [Think] again. An ‘investigator’ told CBS about the ‘swarm.’ The fact that a certain number were brought into custody does not change the fact that there was a ‘swarm.’ The obvious impression is that of the ‘swarm,’ only eight were brought into custody. Eight people do not swarm on all those rooftops. They ‘gather.'”

And that, combined with the “contemporaneous news reports” about the cheering Muslims, including the Washington Post’s own mention of the fact, gives credence to Trump’s claims, Breitbart’s John Nolte wrote.

Just recently, the New York Post reported about Rudy Giuliani telling CNN’s Alisyn Camerota there were Muslim celebrations about September 11, 2001. As the Post wrote: “Camerota quizzed Giuliani, hoping he would say that Trump is ‘lying.’ She was frustrated when Giuliani merely said that Trump had been ‘exaggerating’ and pointing out hitherto ignored examples of handfuls of Muslims celebrating in New York.”

And as Breitbart noted, MTV ALSO ran a news report about Muslim celebrations on Nov. 17, 2001, in which a Patterson, New Jersey, resident describes a group of teenagers chanting and cheering, shortly after the attacks.

As the Hill reported, she said: “They were saying ‘burn America’ and, you know, all these things about America.”

Breitbart’s Nolte concluded his piece with the blunt assessment: the media’s wrong; Trump’s right.

He wrote: “From all of those reports, it is perfectly reasonable and nothing close to lying to put together a picture of ‘thousands.’ Fact: Donald Trump is now 100 percent vindicated. If these celebrations did not occur, the only thing Trump did wrong was to believe the same media that is now calling him a liar – and doing so to cover up the truth about American Muslims celebrating 9/11 and their own covering up of that fact.”

I guess the media will now finally have time to cover Hillary’s laundry list of lies such as:

Hillary Clinton claimed she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Mount Everest — even though she was already 6 years old when he became known.

On a visit to Bosnia in 1996, she claimed she and her entourage landed under sniper fire and had to run “with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base” — although videos of her arrival show her waltzing serenely across the tarmac, waving to the relaxed crowd.

Claims she tried to join the Marine Corps.

And these:







Cattlegate (insider trading on cattle futures)

Fostergate (Removal of Vince Foster documents and his suspicious death)

Castle Grande (Castlegate)


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