College Cry Babies Demand “Racist” Memorial Hall Be Renamed

Some students at Lebanon Valley College, a private liberal arts institution in Pennsylvania, have demanded administrators rename the campus’ Lynch Memorial Hall because of the “racial connotations” associated with the term “lynching,” reported Tuesday.

These kids are spoiled brats and no adults are holding these out of control child-fascists accountable for their despicable behavior. As such, these tyrants-in-training are getting more out of control every day, and getting away with it. The future does not look bright. Thank you college administrators.

In the latest example, this time at Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania, students remarkably want to rename a building commemorating Dr. Clyde A. Lynch, the college’s 11th president who served during the Great Depression and WWII, because the word “lynch” has racist implications. This sort of epic stupidity is of course the logical outcome of college administrators consistently pandering to the insane demands of college cry bullies nationwide.

The building was named after Dr. Clyde A. Lynch, the college’s 11th president who served during the Great Depression and WWII. Lynch raised $55,000 for a physical education facility that took his name and was later converted into classrooms, according to the college’s website.

Student protesters also demanded that the college offer a more diverse curriculum and have its staff members undergo additional sensitivity training, according to the report.

The president of the college’s Black Student Union told pennlive that she thought the demands were reasonable.

If this is considered reasonable, we are all in very, very deep trouble.

Meanwhile, this must be creating quite the conundrum for the new tyrant U.S. Attorney General, Loretta L****

(spelling her last name would be too offensive)!

Loretta Lynch



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