Obama and Kerry Brought “Peace” and “Security” to Syria in 2015

State Department spokesperson John Kirby released a recap of 2015 “success stories” in which he credits the Obama administration and Secretary John Kerry for bringing “peace” and “security” to Syria and “stepping up” to help the country’s people at a difficult time.

john kerry


And no, this story is not from ‘The Onion’.

Using the hashtag #2015in5words to highlight last year’s wins, Kirby boasted: “Bringing Peace, Security to Syria.”

Foreign Policy reporter David Francis wrote on Monday: “When it comes to Syria, ‘peace’ and ‘security’ might not be the best choice to describe what the United States delivered there in 2015.”

The United Nations Security Council reported in August that the Syrian conflict has now killed over a quarter million people and displaced 12 million. According to a report released by the UN’s Relief and Works Agency in March, more than 80 percent of Syrians are now living in poverty.

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