Switzerland Hopes To Prevent Brutal Rapes and Murders of Girls by Syrian Refugees With This Cartoon

The traditionally neutral and quite homogeneous nation of Switzerland is not used to having cultural integration issues, especially brutal rapes and murders of young girls, which is why it has been watching recent events across the German border (and elsewhere in Europe) with sheer terror. And in order to preempt any possible outbreaks of refugee violence against women, or in general, ahead of the refugee carnival starting on February 4, Switzerland is getting ready.

According to Blick, the Swiss department of Health and Social Services has prepared the following cartoon flyer dubbed “Ground Rules” which will be distributed to incoming migrants with hopes it will make it clear what is and isn’t permitted.

It lays out various instances of accepted behavior such as kissing and praying, while making it clear that punching women and children in the head is frowned upon in polite society.

Swiss refugees guide
However, concerned that migrants would be less than inclined to read the text, the practical Swiss decided to populate it with “pictograms” or cartoons.

According to the Swiss, creating the flyer was a decision that took place “after the brutal attacks in Germany on New Year’s Eve” when Swiss authorities received a number of reactions.

Blick adds that currently in the canton of Lucerne there are about 1800 asylum seekers in three centers and nine temporary shelters.

As for the flyer, the local government has determined to “focus on role models, and equality between men and women.” They want to show that rape and beatings are frowned upon. The motto is “If you come to us, abide by our rules.”

But this has already inflamed many refugees.

A comparable flyer in Germany was found to have actually fanned racism instead of creating a safe atmosphere with explanations such as “young girls feel harassed by demands such as asking for a cell phone number or Facebook contact, or sex, or marriage proposals” or “when nature calls we do it exclusively in toilets, not in parks and gardens, and not on hedges and behind bushes in front of women and children” or “most people get upset when you steal their belongings, it is not acceptable” or “hitting women and children is not an appropriate behavior, especially id they are total strangers.”

Whether the cartoons will be successful in taming the refugees’ more base instincts, tune in after the Lucerne carnival has started on February 4 to find out.

This cartoon should solve ALL those problems, now what can we tackle next?!

If for some unknown reason it does not solve the problems, all they need are few “Rape Free Zone” signs!


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