Is Hillary choking on her own lies?


Hillary-Clinton-cough 2



And now this…

“.@HillaryClinton has coughing attack at West Des Moines event, may be unable to finish remarks,” Amy Chozick of the New York Times said on Twitter.

Clinton’s health has been a question of speculation since her last coughing fit before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on October, 22, 2015. Media titan Matt Drudge called Clinton’s apparent health issues the “biggest revelation” of the Benghazi hearings.

“Hillary health was biggest revelation at hearing. Coughing fit. Slow-speaking, obviously induced by meds. Choose not to believe if you must,” Drudge tweeted.

The former secretary of state also sustained a serious concussion after falling inside her home in December 2012. She was given blood thinners for a blood clot in her head and returned to “work” Jan. 7, 2013.

It was only two days ago that Clinton laughed off a question by an Iowa voter who asked if she “was really not equipped to be in the White House” because of health issues. The audience member said she heard reports about Clinton’s health on Fox News.

“Oh my….cough…cough.  Well, you know, they say nearly…cough…cough…anything about me. I’ve got to tell you,” Clinton, said. “There are…excuse me….cough…cough… several themes they…pardon me a sec… keep beating the drums on. I’ll match my endurance against anybody. And last spring, my…cough…cough…cough…cough… doctor put out a letter and you know, said what great health…..(inaudible).”


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