Is there anything more anti-Democratic than the Democratic party?

Democratic party insiders have a message for young, enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporters: Shut up.

They’re sick and tired of hearing from these new voters who seem to think that their vote is supposed to count – who have an expectation that their vote will count in the primary.

Cordelia Lewis-Burks is one of those “insiders.” She’s an Indiana superdelegate who has pledged her support to Hillary Clinton no matter what the voters say. As a “superdelegate” she is not accountable to the voters.  And her one vote carries the same weight as hundreds of individual voters, and no matter what happens in Indiana – even if state Democrats overwhelming support Bernie, her vote goes to Hillary.

There are hundreds of them across the country. In fact, even though Bernie actually won by receiving more delegates by the vote count in Iowa and New Hampshire, by 36-32, and even though the media reported wins for Bernie, when you count the “superdelegates,” Hillary has a whopping lead of 481-55, the Associated Press is reporting.

And it is this cumulative delegate (or super delegate) count that decides the nomination for president.

Democratic superdelegates are free to support any candidate for the nomination regardless of who the voters choose.

This is in direct contrast with the Republican party. Republican convention rules obligate all RNC delegates to vote according to the result of primary elections held in their states.

Bernie supporters – again, because they have a belief in their democrat party’s representative democracy (silly kids) – are hounding these “pledged superdelegates” and urging them to support the will of the people.

And that really irritates superdelegate Cordelia Lewis-Burks.

“I’m sick and tired of them,” Cordelia Lewis-Burks, a superdelegate from Indiana who supports Clinton, said of the Sanders backers.

“It’s very aggravating to be bashed on my own computer by these people who it’s probably the first time they’ve ever voted. I’ve been in the trenches since I was 20.”

That’s right, kids! Your democrat primary vote doesn’t count unless you’re old! Or you’ve been involved in the democratic party politics for a long time! Shut up and sit down! You will be provided a candidate you can support in due time.

Of the 2,382 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination, 712 – or 30 percent – are superdelegates.

If Bernie is to win, he would have to take every remaining primary by a landslide to make up the difference.

So who cares if Bernie is more popular among voters. The democratic party has already chosen Hillary, the ultimate Wall Street candidate.

Is there anything more anti-Democratic than the Democratic primary process?

from an article by Robert Gehl


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