Norway Offers Refugees Hard Cash To Just Leave The Country

As European countries deal with the current horrible refugee crisis, mostly made up of 18-35 year old males who left their wives and families back in Syria to fight, each is taking a slightly different approach in response to the escalating situation. In Norway, which has been shocked by the unfolding events in neighboring Sweden which has seen a mass revulsion at the ongoing refugee onslaught (and which recently announced it won’t accept any more refugees from the EU) the answer appears to be the simplest possible one: offer asylum seekers cash money to leave.

Currently, refugees who decide to return to their home country instead of seeking asylum in Norway are given USD $2,400 each for travel expenses by the Norwegian government. Now, as RT reports, Norway will sweeten the deal, and provide an additional USD $1,200 to the first 500 asylum seekers who apply for voluntary return to their home countries.


Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug had the following to say about the bonus program: “We need to entice more [people] to voluntarily travel back by giving them a bit more money on their way out. This will save us a lot of money because it is expensive to have people in the asylum centers. There are also many who are not entitled to protection and, by all means, are going to be rejected. It’s better for us to ‘stimulate’ their travel back.”


Those who initially urged Europe to accept as many refugees as possible only to realize after the fact that “cultural integration” is far different than presented in glossy pamphlets and leads to mass violence, a surge in rapes, theft, and lots of bloody screaming are now backtracking and cheapening human life to the point where the idea of throwing a few thousand dollars at people will completely erase the stupidity of taking fighting aged Muslim men who hate them.

To most others, this will be a great outcome, especially since the incremental cost of booting the new asylum seekers is relatively low compared to the untold millions that it would have cost to keep them.

It remains to be seen how this program will be gamed and abused.


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