Former Attorney General Holds Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Despite Ongoing FBI Criminal Probe

The surreal irony of it all is hard to believe. The only way you could possibly get more corrupt is if Loretta Lynch, the current head of DOJ, was holding a fundraiser for Hillary.

holder clinton

Think about this.  The former Head of Department of Justice, who is also over the FBI, which is still probing Hillary, is simultaneously holding a fundraiser for Hillary.

It looks like they would at least pretend to be impartial.  I guess the brainwashing of the masses is complete.  No need to pretend anymore.

Just in case someone is still gullible enough to believe that Hillary is not “Too Powerful To Prosecute.”


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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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