Another Clinton scandal

FBI probes the sleazy Virginia governor

Sometimes you can just look at someone and see that they are a corrupt slime ball.  Virginia Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe is one of those people.

Clinton 2008 Primary

Terry McAuliffe – a board member of the Clinton Global Initiative – is under investigation by the FBI and the Justice Department’s public integrity unit concerning illegal campaign donations.

The probe focuses in part on whether McAuliffe accepted unlawful donations to his gubernatorial campaign, including $120,000 from Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang, a previous delegate to China’s National People’s Congress, the nation’s ceremonial legislature.

Wang has also donated $2 million to the Clinton foundation, according to CNN.

As part of the investigation, officials are examining McAuliffe’s role as a board member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

“The governor will certainly cooperate with the government if he is contacted about it,” Marc Elias, attorney for the McAuliffe campaign, told CNN in a statement.

Of course, Elias claimed the contributions from Wenliang were completely legal.

But foreign nationals are banned from donating to federal, state and local elections, according to U.S. election laws.

A spokeswoman told CNN that Wenliang has set up a U.S. resident status, allowing him to donate to McAuliffe’s campaign.

CNN reported, “It couldn’t be learned what else the FBI and Justice Department are investigating as part of the [McAuliffe] probe.”

The left-leaning website Counterpunch called McAuliffe the Clintons’ “chief emissary” whose “implacable loyalty” was amply rewarded in 2001.

That’s when “Bill Clinton engineered the ouster of Joe Andrew as head of the DNC and installed McAuliffe … as the chief of the party. As the head of the DNC, McAuliffe was now in a position to protect the Clintons’ legacy, reward loyalists, punish party dissidents and select the next presidential nominee.”

Back in 2004, the website claimed, “Terry McAuliffe didn’t just use his business contacts to fatten the accounts of the Democratic National Committee; he also deftly exploited them to inflate his own fortune, which now nudges toward nine figures.”

The Washington Post called McAuliffe “a Washington insider who got rich as he rose to power within the Democratic Party” and “even called himself a ‘huckster’ in his autobiography.”

“For McAuliffe, politics and business have always been intertwined,” the paper stated.

Let’s take a look at McAuliffe’s sleazy past.

1. How about renting out the Lincoln bedroom to big-time liberal donors? McAuliffe’s scheme brought in $5.4 million to the DNC during the Clinton years.

2. McAuliffe loaned the Clintons $1.35 million for the purchase of a Chappaqua, NY home so that Hillary could conveniently establish residency for her New York Senate run when when the Clintons were burdened by legal debts from the Monica Lewinsky and other sex scandals.

3. Mcauliffe founded Greentech, in which he lured foreign investors, collected millions of illegal dollars for the liberal agenda, and fell far short of employment promises made.

4. He worked with Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham. Their company is now under federal investigation.

5. McAuliffe illegally solicited donations to the re-election campaign of Teamsters Union candidate Ron Carey in exchange for “donations” into DNC accounts.

Despite these illegal activities and flagrant disrespect of the law, Terry McAuliffe was elected by stupid Virginia voters. Will we let the same happen in 2016?


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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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