You can call me a racist, bigot pig. Just don’t call me a democrat.

A full 71% of Democrats think that Hillary should still run even if she is federally indicted.

It says something very telling about Democrats.

It’s not like the voters who support Clinton in the face of a felony charge think she’s innocent. Rather, they recognize her guilt – but support her just the same.

10995402_10152817699877966_3531679410572813312_nHillary supporters

One more statistic from the survey: “Sixty-five percent consider it likely that Clinton broke the law by sending and receiving emails containing classified information through a private email server while serving as secretary of state. This includes 47 percent who say it’s very likely. These findings are unchanged from January.”

tumblr_o638kfVYbX1vqpd2do1_500Hillary is just trying to hold off the email scandal. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.  There are further allegations of racketeering and fraud in the Clinton Charitable Foundation.

Now we know that the FBI has found a lot of very telling evidence. We know that they’re talking about bringing several felony racketeering charges against her. They want to stay away from that email server because behind that there may be an even bigger scandal, one that could actually bring the entire government down. And that would be a repeat of the 1996 China Gate scandal.

For people who don’t remember this, there was a situation where Bill Clinton was running for re-election where he was authorizing the transfer of militarily sensitive technology to China, over the objections of the intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense. And Chinese money was pouring millions into his re-election campaign through Chinese American citizens.


There was an investigation and it turned out much of that money had actually originated with Chinese intelligence and the scandal was called China Gate. It was one of many scandals that were dogging the Clintons, all of which were being investigated in 1999. And all of a sudden, the email server in the White House had a glitch, and over a million subpoenaed emails simply disappeared. Golly-gee shuckies.  Or Okie Doke as Obama would say.

The investigation was shut down, but is shows there is a pattern of corruption. There’s a pattern of selling U.S. secrets in exchange for money. Now we have this private email server, which the inspector general of the State Department is saying, “Was not legal, was not permitted. Hillary did not ask permission. Had she done so, she would’ve been turned down.” And it had very, very weak security, weaker than the Ashley Madison website. And parked on this server were the nation’s top secrets.

Guccifer, the hacker who is currently in jail for cybercrimes, has said that when he got into Hillary’s private email server, he saw 10 foreign IPs also logged in at the same time prowling through the material that was on that computer. So it raises the very real possibility that Hillary Clinton was repeating the China Gate scandal. She was actually selling secrets to foreign governments while serving as Secretary of State, using her email server as the delivery mechanism and her charitable foundation to collect and launder the payments.


Because the charitable foundation can actually receive money directly from foreign sources. 40% of the money that is coming to the Clinton Foundation is from foreign sources, many of which are obscured by the use of multiple cutouts. And there are new allegations that this foundation has taken in literally hundreds of billions of dollars, most of which cannot be accounted for.

The Clintons are untouchable because they know all the dirt from the last quarter of a century. They know where all the dead bodies are buried because they buried them. They know how they got to be dead bodies. And the Clintons are in a position to blackmail the most powerful people in the U.S. government threatening the destruction of their career plus there’s that long list of dead bodies that dot the landscape of the Clinton history.

As an example, the IT expert who set up Hillary’s private email server is to be deposed next week in this civil action regarding a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. And yet, he has declared he is going to take the 5th amendment. He is not going to answer any questions about how that email server was set up.

But hey…



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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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