The Best Paying Career Choice Today: Welfare

How To Legally Scam The Welfare System

It is now more lucrative – in the form of actual disposable income – to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work.  And that does not even include all of the benefits of money saved on college, work clothing, transportation to school/college/work, child care, and other expenses.

First, put down all sharp objects. Now, meet Edith Calzado – maybe the single most successful and productive beneficiary of government assistance you’ll ever meet.

As NPR’s Planet Money’s latest podcast “The Art of Living At The Poverty Line” explains how millions of Americans are taking advantage of the welfare system…

“[Today], We hang out with a woman named Edith, a single mother who makes $16,000 a year and yet managed to fund a vacation at a Caribbean resort with an interest-free loan from one of the world’s largest banks. She is a fascinating woman, and you are going to hear all about her…

Transfer payments – think of welfare and food stamps.

Some people in the country [through hard work and many years of college, and the debt] earn more than they need to cover their basic necessities. And the government taxes those people and gives some of that money to people the government thinks don’t earn enough to cover their basic necessities. Those are transfer payments.

…Edith Calzado is the poster child for those are transfer payments. “It’s wonderful. It’s a – I said that God was in the middle of this blessing because I have big apartment. My son has his own bathroom – you know? I don’t pay gas. I don’t pay electricity. I can have my washing machine at home, you know? I can have an air-condition in all the rooms, you know? I pay way less rent. This is the more important thing.”

Of course, none of this is new, some of the more politically biased progressive media outlets (who are quite adept at creating and taking down their own strawmen arguments, if not quite as adept at using an abacus, let alone a calculator) took offense at our article “In Entitlement America, The Head Of A Household Of Four Making Minimum Wage Has More Disposable Income Than A Family Making $60,000 A Year.” In it we merely explained what has become the painful reality in America: for increasingly more it is now more lucrative – in the form of actual disposable income – to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work.

This is graphically, and very painfully confirmed, in the below chart from Gary Alexander, Secretary of Public Welfare, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (a state best known for its broke capital Harrisburg). As quantified, and explained by Alexander, “the single mom is better off earnings gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.”

welfare cliff

We realize that this is a painful topic in a country in which the issue of welfare benefits, and cutting (or not) the spending side of the fiscal cliff, have become the two most sensitive social topics. Alas, none of that changes the matrix of incentives for most Americans who find themselves in a comparable situation: either being on the left side of minimum US wage, and relying on benefits, or move to the right side at far greater personal investment of work, and energy, and… have the same disposable income at the end of the day.


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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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