Hillary DELETED Records That Could Have Stopped Orlando Attack

Following the tragic terrorist shooting attack in San Bernardino in December, it was revealed by a former Department of Homeland Security agent that he had been running a special investigation that potentially could have prevented that attack from taking place.

13Now, following the even more deadly mass shooting terrorist assault on a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, that same agent is suggesting that his investigation could have prevented that attack from occurring as well.

According to WND, retired DHS agent Philip Haney had been running a special investigation into a worldwide Islamist movement originating from Pakistan known as Tablighi Jamaat. In the course of his investigation, Haney uncovered numerous connections between several mosques and individuals in the U.S. with known terrorists and terrorist organizations, including Al Qaida and Hamas, among others.

Unfortunately, just as Haney’s investigation was really ramping up, it was shut down in a joint effort by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Civil Rights division of DHS, due to “concern” that the investigation was unfairly targeting Muslims.

Making matters worse, much of the important information and links Haney had documented were summarily deleted in 2012.

Had the investigation not been halted, and the information deleted, there’s no telling what radical Islamic mayhem could have been prevented — including, possibly, the San Bernardino and Orlando attacks.



What couldn’t be deleted was the information remaining in Haney’s mind, and following the attack in Orlando and the revelation of the mosque the shooter attended. Haney knew the mosque was familiar, and did some digging. He quickly determined that the gunman’s mosque, the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, was part of the network he had uncovered five years ago.

“This case struck me as very similar to the San Bernardino shooting case,” Haney said. “I suspected that they were both part of a national and international network of organizations.”

Using only open-source material, Haney was able to reestablish the connections he first discovered years ago in the span of only a few hours. That left him critical of the FBI’s efforts at previously investigating the Orlando jihadist.

“It means they didn’t go through the same basic, analytical process that I went through over a three- or four-hour period in which I was able to link the mosque to my previous cases,” he said.

Sadly, because of the prevailing PC culture and desire to avoid offending radical Muslims that runs rampant through President Barack Obama’s administration, an investigation that could have led to a shut down of radical mosques and the arrest of real and potential terrorists was ended before it could do any good.

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BREAKING: Hillary’s State Dept. DELETED Records That Could Have Stopped Orlando Attack


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