Country That Executes Gay People As Official Policy Pledges To Help US Avenge Orlando Gay Shooting

Obama foreign policy fact is stranger than fiction

000-8592084591461192427638One day after the Orlando gay shooting, US Secretary of State John Kerry sat down to dinner with with Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Washington, D.C. and, according to the State Department, “discussed this weekend’s shooting in Orlando and expressed their shared commitment to continue their cooperation in combatting the spread of violent extremism, both regionally and internationally.”

kerry1Yes, the same country that follows as a matter of official policy the exact same treatment of homosexuals as was dished out by the Orlando shooter has expressed concern over extremism!
Saudi Arabia’s own “violent extremism” doesn’t end at its treatment of homosexuals.

As the defense minister of the Saudi kingdom, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is responsible for the brutal and genocidal war on Yemen and for Saudi Arabia’s strong backing of radical jihadists — including al-Qaeda — who for the past five years have killed tens of thousands in attempt to overthrow secular Syrian president Assad.


  • I know that the pics of John Kerry are unnecessary, but he is such an outrageously strange looking person to me.

Also, if reports of the still-classified “28 Pages” of the 9/11 report are accurate, the Saudi government played a major role in the al-Qaeda attacks on the United States.

It would be like sitting down to dinner with Adolph Hitler and listening with a straight face as he droned on about human rights and the need to protect Jews.


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