Brexit: A small victory for limited government

The problem in both the EU and the US is governments growing out of control in a way similar to any other cancer.

The unelected functionaries of the EU hold power without accountability. Ten thousand of them, no one is quite sure of the exact number, make more money than the Prime Minister of the UK. In a perfect accident of timing, on the same day the UK electorate said good riddance to the EU, the EU made yet another payment of 10.3 million Euros to Greece, bailing them out once more.

Any British taxpayer who believes it makes sense to hand their hard earned money to a serial deadbeat for nothing in return is probably also too stupid to mark an X in a voting box allowing them the right to breath free air.

In a free video called Brexit: The Movie, Nigel Farage was quoted as saying,

“This is the only parliament the world has ever invented where you cannot initiate legislation; propose legislation or even the repeal of legislation. All of that comes from the bought and paid for unelected European Commission.”

But how stupid is stupid? When do we know an organization is utterly dysfunctional?

For example there are five EU regulations (bought by lobbyists) that govern pillowcases. That seems a bit extreme until you learn that there are one hundred and nine laws controlling the pillow inside. That looks absurd until you count the two hundred and twenty-five sets of regulations dictating the requirements governing eyeglasses.

There are ten laws about duvets with thirty-nine more controlling sheets. Toothbrushes require thirty-one regulations. Mirrors are far more serious, the EU needs a series of one hundred and seventy-two rules, shampoos somewhat less only needing one hundred and eighteen. Towels require controls of four hundred and fifty-four regulations; bread an incredible one thousand two hundred and forty-six and the toasters to cook them in need fifty-two. Milk on the other hand is far more serious and needs twelve thousand, six hundred and fifty-three individual sets of laws. Bowls can get by with ninety-nine regulations but spoons need another two hundred and ten laws for people to know how to produce and use them.

The majority of UK voters who put an X in the box for leave voted to kill big government, the complete lack of accountability, rules being dictated by lobbyists that have bought the EU politicians and to return to the concept of government at the smallest unit possible. The EU is out of control; it’s bloated and the ultimate in government by committee. It can’t possibly work and the sooner someone shoots it and kills it dead, the sooner Europe and the rest of the world can recover.

Lest the reader conclude the out of control government of the US is somehow better than the EU, let me remind you, if you spend $1 trillion on a slick new fighter jet that is ten years overdue, the software doesn’t work and previous model aircraft already in the boneyard can whip it’s tail in air-to-air combat maybe you should admit it’s a waste of both time and money. But you can’t do that in the US because Congress get campaign contributions from the builder.

As the direct result of the bloating of intelligence agencies in the US and trashing of all civil protections against an out of control government, Americans today are the most spied on group in world history. The Stasi or Gestapo would have been thrilled to have half the power held by the NSA. Every phone call is monitored, every email recorded for posterity. If you post a picture of your new child on social media, Maryland knows about it before your parents. If you have a security camera in your home that you can monitor from your office, so can the NSA. Hint, you might want to move the camera to point to the closet doors, not the center of the bed. We don’t want to distract the watchers.

The entire financial system worldwide is a Ponzi scheme, a house of cards about to tumble down. The US government has only made the problem far worse and the cost to fix far higher.

We would have a far better world if we could have less government. The further away the power to make decisions resides from the people who will be affected, the dumber the decisions get. That’s why local school boards do a pretty good job in the US and the Secretary of Education is a meaningless department that can only screw up education. Keep the decisions as local as possible always works.

On Thursday June 23, the voters of the UK voted to pull the plug on the biggest cesspool in world history. It doesn’t matter what anyone does from here. You can’t unring a bell. Like most people I know, I believed that if the vote was too close that UK officials would simply do what the US does in elections, rig them the way they want. But they didn’t, the people spoke and they will be heard.

We need less government and we can do it the easy way or the hard way but we will get less government.

Bob Moriarty

About avirginiapatriot1776

I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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