Destroying Classified Government Documents Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg For Hildabeast

This is well documented in many books by several people, but here is a quick body count.  Bottom line: If you cross Hillary, or are just called to testify in one of the dozens of Clinton scandals, you end up dead.

					"A trail of Death"
The following is a list of a number of persons who have died in suspicious circumstances who
had connection to the Clintons or the Clinton's dealings.  The length and breadth of this list is 
disconcerting.  It is beyond credibility that very many of these cases are coincidences. Forward
any errors or inconsistancies as the list has been compiled from multiple sources:

Name 		Date	Cause		Explanation
----		----	-----		-----------
Ron Brown's	04/96	Murdered	Drive by shooting, day after Ron Brown's plane crashed.

Ron Brown	04/96	Plane Crash	Commerce Sec. near indictment who alledgedly threatend
Secretary of				Clinton with "not going down alone".  U.S. said no black
Commerce				box was on this government plane, though Croatian and 
					French TV showed teams pulling one out.  Air Force, 
					for the first time ever, canceled the safety investigation
					of a U.S. government crash on friendly soil.

34 Passengers	04/96	Plane Crash	On plane with Brown. A stewardess was rescued
					several hours after the crash alive.  She died in route to
					hospital from blood loss due to a cut femoral artery 
					sustained in the crash! 

Adm. Borda	1996	Suicide		Alledgedly shot himself in chest with handgun, disraught with
Chief of Naval				questions  regarding his medals that he had anwered a year
Operations				earlier.  He was a combat veteran from Vietnam who  received
					combat ribbons for some activities while there.  Others, were
					reclassified later to combat, afterwhich he began wearing these
					as well.  When questions regarding the latter ribbons arose, he
					simply said he would not wear the ones in question if there was
					going to be a big deal made of it.  This combat veteran, and our
					highest ranking naval officer, responsible for a couple of hundred
					thousand service men, and always a capable officer and soldier;
					now a year after settling the issue, he shoots himself over it?
					Others believe that he was eliminated because he refused to
					transport Chinese, Eurasian and other forces on U.S. Navy
					transports to U.S. and Canadian shores for semi-permanent 
					"ongoing" training.

Bill Shelton	06/94	Suicide		Alledgedly shot himself at gravesite of fiancee, Kathy 
					Ferguson,who died the month before, also from suicide.  
					Shelton was an Ark. state trooper who had vocally been 
					proclaiming that his fiancee had not committed suicide. 
					Alledgedly shot himself behind the left ear.

Kathy Ferguson	05/94	Suicide		Ex of Ark. trooper Danny Ferguson, engaged to trooper 
					Bill Shelton.  Danny Ferguson alledgedly escorted Paula 
					Jones to Clinton's hotel room and Kathy was vocal about 
					her knowledge in the case and was to be a corroborating 
					witness for Paula Jones in her sexual harrassment case 
					against Clinton. Alledgedly shot herself behind left ear.

Attorney for	05/94	Suicide		Alledgedly jumped out of a building to kill himself.  He
Dan Lassater				represented Dan Lassiter, a close friend of  Bill Clinton, 
					who was indicted on drug charges and sent to prison.
Ronald Rogers	03/94	Plane Crash	Ark. dentist for Clintons, killed on way to interview with
					a "London Sunday Telegraph" reporter to reveal info.

Hershell Friday	03/94	Plane Crash	Clinton attorney and fund raiser. Plane blew up.

Ed Wiley	11/93	Suicide		Alledgedly shot himself in head in Virginia. Real Estate 
					attorney and manager of Clinton presidential campaign 
					finance committee.

Luther Parks	09/93	Murdered	Head of Clinton's security team in Little Rock, gunned
					down in his car outside of Little Rock.  Home broken 
					into before his death, dossier on Clinton taken.

Stanley Heard	09/93	Plane Crash	Chair of Chiropatric Health Care Advisory Comm. for 
					Clinton who had treated Clinton's mother, stepfather & 
					brother.  Killed when airplane crashed after reporting 
					fire on board.

Steve Dickson	09/93	Plane Crash	Counsel to Mr. Heard, killed in same crash. 

John Walker	?????	Accident	RTC investigator who fell from balcony of apartment 
					that was also a getaway for Vince Foster.

Vincent Foster	07/93	Suicide		Alledgedly shot in Ft. Marcy Park.  Bullet not found,
White House				gun used stayed in hand. Initial witness said there was
Counsel					no gun.  Close friend of Clintons.  Alleged possible 
					affair with Hillary, involved in Inslaw CIA computer
					cover-up, tracked Clinton finances.  Many irregularities
					in death and its investigation.

Paul Wilcher	06/93	Murdered	Wahington attorney, investigating federal corruption, 
					including Mena and BATF assault on Branch Davidians.
					Shortly before death, gave Janet Reno with a 99 page 
					affadavit.  Planned TV documentary.  Found dead on 
					toilet before mtg with Danny Casolaro's attorney.

John Wilson	05/93	Suicide		Alledgedly hung himself.  Reportedly part of 
					Whitewater and was ready to talk.

Sgt. B. Haney	05/93	Helo Crash	All four died in crash in the woods near Quantico, VA.
Sgt. Tim Sabel				All had escorted Clinton on flight to the Roosevelt.
Maj. William Barkley			Vidoetape made by firemen at crash site siezed by feds.
Capt. Scott Reynolds

5 Aviators	03/93	Plane Crash	All five died in a crash when "waved off" from landing
					on the carrier Roosevelt.  All five had escorted Clinton
					during his visit to the Roosevelt several weeks earlier.

Gen. Robertson 	02/93	Helo Crash	Deputy Commander, Chief of Ops, Chief of Intel. & 
Col. Densberger				crew Chief for V Corps which was prominent in Bosnia-
Col. Kelly				Serb operations, along with the carrier Roosevelt.  They
Spec. Rhodes				were associated with Clinton's visit to the Roosevelt.
					Helo crashed near Weisbaden Germany.

Steve Willis	02/93	Waco Assault	Killed in assault on Davidian compound. All transferred
Robert William				from the Secret Service, where they were Clinton guards, 
Conway LeBleu  				to BATF prior to the assault.  Killed by friendly fire.
Todd McKeehan
Jim Wilhite	12/92	Skiing Accident	Vice Chair. of Arkla, Inc. with ties to Clinton & Mack
					Mclarty, whom he called just hours before his death.

Paula Grober	12/92	Car Accident	Speech interpreter for deaf for Bill Clinton.  Killed in 
					car accident with no witnesses.  Traveled extensively
					with Clinton from 1978 `til death.

Paul Tully	09/92	Murdered	Democratic Nat'l Committee Dir. found dead in hotel.
					"Dear friend" of Clinton and a trusted advisor. Authored 
					key strategies for Clinton and the Democratic party.

Victor Raiser	07/92	Plane Crash	Chair. of Mobile Telecomm whose subsidiary is SkyTel.
					A finance co-chair in Clinton organization who soured.
					His plane went down in Alaska on a fishing expedition.

Monty Raiser	07/92	Plane Crash	Victor Raiser's son, killed in the same plane crash.

5 Passengers	07/92	Plane Crash	Killed while flying with Raiser's on fishing expedition.

James Bunch	?????	Suicide		Suicide similar to Vince Foster.  Texan w/"black book"
					of influential Texans & Arkansans who visited prostitutes.  
					A rumor persists of potential notes on Bill Clinton.

Stanley Huggins	?????	Murdered	Partner in Memphis law firm investigatin Madison 
					Guarantee.  His 300 page report has never been released.

Florence Martin	?????	Murdered	Accountant subcontracted to CIA in the Barry Seal case.  
					Dead of three gunshot wounds to the head.
Sue Coleman	?????	Suicide		Had affair with Clinton while attorney general. "Suicide" 
					with gunshot wound to the back of her head.  No autopsy, 
					was pregnant.
Danny Casolaro	08/91	Suicide		Reporter investigating Whitewater, Mena, BCCI, & ADFA. 
					About to receive info linking Iran-Contra to the Inslaw
					scandal when found in bathtub with wrists slit.

Kevin Coney	1988-89	Murdered	Six Ark. people who came forward with info about the
Gregory Collins				death of 2 teens near the Mena operations.  All killed 
Kieth McKaskle				before testifying.  Stabbed, shotgunned or burned.
Jeff Rhodes				Local detective, John Brown, reportedly solved the 
Richard Winters				case and gave findings to FBI which sat on them. 
Jordan Ketelson				According to Brown, "We now who killed these kids. 
					The  reason this case has been stopped ... is because it 
					tracks to Bill Clinton being involved in the cover-up".

Kevin Ives	08/87	Murdered	Two Bryant, Ark teens who saw too much of the Mena
Don Henry				air drops.  Found on train tracks.  Initial report said
 					they fell asleep and was made by a state coroner
					appointed by Bill Clinton.  Parents protested and after
					months, had the boys exumed and re-examined.  Cause
					of death then changed to murder, the boys having been 
					stabbed and skulls crushed before the train arrived.
Officials in the Administration who have died in the first four years :

	Secretary of Commerce
	Deputy White House Counsel
	Chief of Naval Operations

Of these 89 deaths the causes break out as follows :

	Deaths	Cause		Incidents
	59	Plane Crashes	   12
	13	Murders		   13
	10	Suicides	   10
	04 	Waco Assault	   01
	03	Accidents	   03

If you work with Clinton and deal with any of his scandals, or if you attempt to investigate them 
or accidently come across them, you will likely die in a plane crash, a murder or suicide.

   80+ Near Waco in the Assault on the Branch Davidian Compound.
  170+ In Oklahoma City where tech. and eye witness do not match government story of bomb.
 1100+ In Chicago and surrounding area from a supposed 2 day "heat" wave.
  120+ In Value Jet crash where Chuck Hays, a CIA operative w/info on Foster was supposed to fly.
  270+ In TWA crash. Eye witness accounts (incl. Air Nat'l Guard Pilot) do'nt match fed's story.

With the 90 above, this totals over 1830 individuals !!!

(The Value jet and TWA disasters are ominous when you consider the other plane crashes that 
have killed Clinton associates, potential threats or enemies.  Who was on that TWA aircraft?)

... and these are only the ones we know about !!!


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