Sheriff David Clarke Crushes Don Lemon And The Clinton News Network Over Hateful Black Lives Matter

And yet Sheriff David Clarke is STILL a democrat!!!

david clark

He predicted this two years ago and he remains a democrat!!!

Sorry, but I have a hard time mustering up much respect for a man who has hitched his wagon to, and taken campaign money from the most corrupt, the most racist, the most decisive political party in the history of the United States. And he refuses to change his political affiliation.

It is the democrat party that is responsible for the very things he is rallying against.  Until Sheriff David Clarke  changes that affiliation, he is just a bunch of hot air. 




About avirginiapatriot1776

I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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