Clinton News Network Caught Turning Off Camera EVERY TIME Illegal Immigration Came Up At RNC!

Democrats claim there is no agenda, but we all know that to be completely false. There is always an agenda and they will only talk about the issues they are in favor of, which was made abundantly clear last night at the Republican Nation Convention when Hillary’s own Ministry of Truth, the blatantly pro-Hillary Clinton News Network (CNN), would turn off the camera every time one particular subject came up.

bahar-1-600x338Here is how it went down…

From Breitbart:

CNN cut away from speakers who spoke out against illegal immigration at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday night, turning instead to its daily stable of talking heads, and coming back for a conventional politician’s speech.

Mary Ann Mendoza, Sabine Durden, and Jamiel Shaw, who each lost a child through crimes committed by illegal aliens, spoke from the heart about why they supported Donald Trump’s proposal to enforce immigration law and build a border wall.

Shaw, who is black, told the tearful audience in Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena “You’d think Obama cared, and black lives mattered … Only Trump called me on the phone one day to see how I was doing … Trump will put America first.”

But CNN, which lately fought to rebuild its audience by including more conservative perspectives, filtered out those voices, returning to the speeches in time for Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), who gave a good but otherwise unremarkable address.

This is one they refused to show…

Clearly, CNN has an agenda and certainly did not want their democratic supporters to hear from the families of those who lost loved ones at the hands of violent illegal immigrants. If CNN let the camera roll while these people were speaking, well that would put Hillary Clinton as risk of losing votes and they can’t have that.


CNN Caught Turning Off Camera EVERY TIME This MAJOR Topic Came Up At RNC!


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