Obama Administration Explains Its Own “Plagiarism” Was Merely “Inspiration”

In other words, when we do it, it’s “inspired thought,” when you do it “it’s blatant plagiarism.”

Today’s political press has been captivated by the alleged plagiarism by Melania Trump, who is said to have stolen fragments of a speech delivered by Michelle Obama in 2008.

Here are some headlines:

Melania Trump Plagiarism Scandal Threatens to Overshadow Entire Nomination

Melania’s Plagiarism is a Certified Big Deal


However, in a curious development, the IOTWReport website finds that Michelle may have lifted parts of that 2008 speech from a book written in 1992 by African author Rob Marsh titled, “Business success in South Africa”.


So as Melania and Michelle battled to the death over who is the plagiarizer-est, we are reminded that it wasn’t too long ago that the media turned a complete blind eye when President Barack Obama was flat busted plagiarizing from Deval Patrick… and today The White House press secretary explained “Obama didn’t plagiarize… he was ‘inspired by'” the former Massachusetts Governor.

As Fox News’ Hannity reminds…

In 2008, then-candidate Obama was found to have plagiarized the speeches of former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick on a number of occasions.

“I am not asking anyone to take a chance on me, I’m asking you to take a chance on your own aspirations,” Patrick said in a speech delivered in June of 2006. Obama repeated the line verbatim in a speech in South Carolina in November of 2007.

In addition, Obama’s famous refrain of “just words” in a 2008 speech was lifted directly from a speech Governor Patrick delivered in October of 2006.

When the Clinton campaign cried foul, The New York Times reported:

With the next round of voters set to weigh in on the Democratic presidential race, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign on Monday accused Senator Barack Obama of committing plagiarism in a weekend speech. Mr. Obama dismissed the charge as absurd and desperate.

Mr. Obama told finally admitted he should have credited Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts for a passage in a speech he delivered on Saturday in Milwaukee. But Mr. Obama said his rival was “carrying it too far.”

While the Obama campaign might have been dismissive of the charges, the video evidence made it absolutely clear that the then-Illinois Senator did indeed lift passages directly from Governor Patrick. Take a look for yourself:

Perhaps the left should heed the advice that those in glass houses should refrain from throwing stones.

But, it appears, given today’s Melania-Michelle melee, the media is suddenly interested again…

And White House Press Secretary Josh (not so)Earnest explained to the great unwashed and ignorant masses that “the president was in fact inspired by Governor Patrick’s words.”

In other words, when we do it, it’s “inspired thought,” when you do it “it’s blatant plagiarism.”




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