What happens when you tell one too many lies?

You turn into a running gag…

A running gag, or running joke, is a literary device that takes the form of an amusing joke or a comical reference and appears repeatedly throughout a work of literature or other form of storytelling media.[1][2]

Running gags can begin with an instance of unintentional humor, based on a universally understood truth [such as the main stream media is biased to the left],  that is repeated in variations as the joke grows familiar and audiences anticipate reappearances of the gag. The humor in a running gag may derive entirely from how often it is repeated, the (in)appropriateness of the situation in which the gag occurs, or setting up the audience to expect another occurrence of the joke and then substituting something else (bait and switch). Running gags are found mostly in television shows,[3] but also appear in other places, such as video games, films, books, and comic strips.

bahar-1-600x338CNN Polls Viewers About Trump’s Convention Speech, And They Loved It

CNN has been exposed as a very lost, bought and paid for, Clinton mouthpiece, network during this election process.

They have constantly lied to their viewers by spreading totally false information and it’s been hard to watch.

Conventional wisdom says that most of the people who watch CNN are liberals.

You’d think they would bash Trump’s RNC speech right?  Or at least be mixed down the middle.

It turns out that many conservatives are tuning in to CNN for laughs, not news.  CNN has become so over the top that it is almost like a 24 hour spoof.

As BizPacReview’s John Binder points out, it didn’t go according to plan when CNN asked their viewers about Trump after his convention speech last night.

From BizPacReview:

For viewers, a whopping 57 percent said they had a “very positive” reaction to the speech, while only 24 percent said the speech had a “negative effect.”

Even more incredible for Trump was that 73 percent of viewers said the policies proposed in the speech would move the country in the “right direction,” with only 24 percent saying otherwise.

The speech left 56 percent of viewers saying they are “more likely” to vote for Trump.

CNN, The most biased political media source there is, polled its viewers, & even they agree WE NEED TRUMP #Trump2016 pic.twitter.com/MR3LqIqPeP

— Jesse #Trump2016 (@EaglesJesse) July 22, 2016

DYSTOPIAN: The word the MSM has been ORDERED to use to describe Trump’s speech.

OOPS! Too bad CNN poll says 75% Trump’s speech POSITIVE

— slone (@slone) July 22, 2016


The mainstream media can feel free to keep bashing Trump every five minutes, and they will, but it is looking like that won’t be a smart move.

CNN Polls Viewers About Trump’s Convention Speech, They Loved It


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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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