Here they are! 35 of Hillary’s biggest ‘accomplishments’

Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton has served as the U.S. secretary of state, a U.S. senator and a first lady – but America wants to know: What has she specifically accomplished?


by Chelsea Schilling

President Obama told “60 Minutes,” “I think she will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we’ve had.”

In June, he said, “I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.”

But Obama was never able to give specific examples of Clinton’s personal achievements when asked.

Hillary was not even able to give specific examples of her personal achievements when asked.

So now Americans are taking to Twitter to come up with their own long list of Clinton’s “accomplishments.”

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The Twitter hashtag #HillaryAccomplishments went viral on the social media network Thursday and became the No. 1 trending topic.

The responses, some funny and some scorching Clinton, include:

Lying about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia to impress voters
Decades of theft and deception
Being the most corrupt politician ever, and yet Americans will still be stupid enough to vote for her
Evading prosecution by the FBI
Being a world-class liar
Great job at covering up Bill Clinton’s rapes
244 days without holding a press conference
First woman to delete 33,000 emails in one sitting
Raising hundreds of millions of dollars for Haiti relief and keeping 90 percent of it for herself
Being responsible for 4 dead in Benghazi
68% of Americans say she’s untrustworthy
Convincing Democrats she didn’t push NAFTA, which cost 1,000,000 Americans their jobs
Hired the woman who was exposed for rigging the primary election against Bernie
Avoiding scrutiny by the completely unbiased press
Able to castrate tall FBI directors with a single phone call
Taking money from foreign governments in exchange for favors that go against American interests
Making Democrats believe she stands for LGBT rights while importing homophobic Muslim refugees that kill LGBT people
Keeping minorities dependent on government assistance so they’ll vote Democrat
Viewing rape & harassment victims as liars unworthy of being heard
Armed and funded Syrian rebels, calling them “moderates”
Watergate chief counsel fired her at age 27. She was blacklisted
Convincing zombie Democrats that Trump is the one who’s unfit
Stole the Democratic Party nomination through unjust means
Manipulating black people and minorities for votes
Successfully convinced the Russians to give her millions for 20 percent of USA uranium
Monica Lewinsky is one person Hillary Clinton didn’t get killed
She’s managed to stay out of prison

Curiously, WND was able to find only these three positive “accomplishments” listed under the hashtag #HillaryAccomplishments:

Beating Republicans at their own game since 1992
Being elected twice as senator from New York
Survived years of GOP smears

In fact, Clinton’s own website listed just these seven “biggest accomplishments”:

Fought for children and families for 40 years and counting
Helped provide millions of children with health care
Helped get 9/11 first responders the health care they needed
Told the world (U.N.) that “women’s rights are human rights”
Stood up for LGBT rights at home and abroad
Helped expand health care and family leave for military families
Negotiated a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Other popular memes posted under the hashtag #HillaryAccomplishments Thursday included the following:
















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