How a Reporter’s Clueless Report on ‘Rubber Bullets’ Made the Internet Explode in Hilarious Ridicule

An oldie but goodie (2 years ago)

Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly, trying to fuel the Ferguson riots by looking for any evidence that police were using rubber bullets against rioters, made pretty much all of Twitter do a double-take, check again to make sure he wasn’t joking, then double over in laughter and ridicule. And he did it with just one little tweet:

After some disbelieving responses, Reilly apologized for jumping to unfounded conclusions, which is really rather revealing of how utterly detached our news media is from the common man.  The clueless reporter has obviously never operated a saw, mower or weed eater or even watched anyone work with earplugs.

Anyway, there was some grade “A” mockery served up to Reilly via Twitter, all asking if he could “confirm” these “weapons” found at Ferguson:





earplugs15 earplugs14 earplugs01 earplugs02 earplugs03 earplugs04 earplugs05 earplugs06 - Copy earplugs07 - Copy earplugs08 - Copy


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