Pickle jar strong – who needs medical records when you can open a jar of pickles

If Jimmy Kimmel loses his spot on late night TV, he can always go to work for Kim Jong-un’s propaganda department.

All you need to know from Dr. Jimmy Kimmel.  Move along.  Nothing to see here:

Hillary Clinton is 68 years old. She’s been diagnosed with cerebral venous thrombosis, head trauma, cancer, brain infection, autoimmune diseases and inborn clotting, per the Washington Post. She’s currently taking blood thinners. Four years ago, Clinton fainted, hit her head and suffered a concussion.

She’s also the odds-on favorite to assume one of the most strenuous jobs on the planet as president of the United States.

But lately the media have become outraged that Clinton’s health is being broached at all.

Many are calling for internet bans:

New York Times’ columnist Farhad Manjoo called on Google to censor any story pertaining to Clinton’s health.

    Google should fix this. It shouldn’t give quarter to conspiracy theorists https://t.co/frnJTHq113 pic.twitter.com/kZLTI4JxlU

— Farhad Manjoo (@fmanjoo) August 21, 2016

Keep in mind the same media hounded John McCain even after he released reams of medical records:


John McCain faced intense media scrutiny when he ran for president at age 71 in 2008. The headlines included:

    McCain’s age is a legitimate issue – Politico, May 22, 2008

    McCain’s Age and Past Health Problems Could Be An Issue in the Presidential Race – U.S. World and News Report, May 8, 2008


    McCain faces more questions on age, health – CNN, October 8, 2008

But Hillary can open a jar of pickles! Forget the fact that she is sometimes seen wearing eyeglasses with prisms, as are used to correct double vision.

GettyImages-159924056-hillary-glasses-2 copyForget the fact that she has been caught on camera several times having what appears to be seizures.

Hillary-Clinton-has-seizure-when-talking-to-reporters-ImgurForget the fact that Clinton lost her balance “such that two men had to rush to keep her from falling down”, according to reporters.

521591500Forget the fact that she can’t even climb 4 steps without help and forget the fact that she wears diapers (now also a fact thanks to Wikileaks).

Hillary-being-helped-up-stairs-strokeForget the fact that a man who always stays close to her, who was pretending to be a Secret Service officer, was photographed carrying something in his hand that looks like an autoinjector of Diazepam for seizures.


hillary-handler-diazepam-575x816Forget the fact that this mystery man rushes to her side every time she gets disoriented and blanks out.

Hillary-seizure-doctorAnd we know why she wears pantsuits constantly.

She has a hidden catheter.

In case you don’t know, a catheter is a device used to empty one’s bladder. (Perhaps this is why she decided not to use the restroom with another woman during the primary debate, which caused her to be 12 minutes late.)

“The way the tube wraps around (Hillary’s) leg is exactly how a Foley catheter is positioned. The tube leads to a sticky patch above the knee that has a little plastic clamp that holds the tube as it goes into the drainage bag down on the calf, ” an anonymous nurse stated.

Take a gander at this:



At this point, she must address concerns facing her health. It was rumored that she had early on-set Parkinson’s disease — but this new revelation only helps confirm that she does.

“(This) makes sense. Parkinson’s dementia, or just dementia in general, is associated with urinary incontinence. Those who suffer lose voluntary control of their external urinary sphincter,” an expert in medicine stated.

This needs to be spread everywhere — she must be held accountable as it is her responsibility to inform the American public of her dissolving health conditions.

But forget all of that nonsense.  Jimmy Kimmel had her open a pre-opened can of pickles, proving she is in tip top shape. 








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