The first Clinton health cover-up goes back 18 years: Doctor tells how Hillary kept blood clot SECRET from her staff – and had nurse travel with her in plain clothes to administer drugs

  • The presidential doctor has revealed how Clinton never told her own staff in 1998 that she had a blood clot
  • Connie Mariano said her memoir that ‘very few’ people knew the truth – and Clinton let staff think it was a pulled muscle
  • Clinton only revealed her blood clot in a passing reference in her own memoirs in 2003
  • Mariano wrote in her own book that Bill Clinton told his wife to seek medical attention and that she then diagnosed the first lady’s blood clot
  • She also dispatched nurse in plain clothes to be with First Lady in case of injuryClinton’s personal doctor at the time, Connie Mariano, comes clean, ans says ‘very few’ people knew the truth and her boss refused to take time of the campaign trail for her husband’s re-election.

    Instead a nurse came with her to check on her condition and administer drugs if needed but nobody outside of her Secret Service detail was told who she was.

    The first of her three blood clots happened in 1998 whilst she was campaigning for her husband Bill to get his second term as President in the face of possible impeachment over the Lewinsky scandal.

    According to Mariano, who as a Navy captain and latterly rear admiral (lower half), was the White House doctor for President Clinton, she told Hillary that she was ‘at risk’ for a blood clot and insisted on coming to see her on a Saturday.

    In her memoir The White House Doctor: My Patients Were Presidents, she takes two pages to explain how she told the First Lady: ‘I’m worried about your leg. You’ve been out on the campaign trail for some months now, sitting in cars for hours at a time.’

    Within an hour Mariano was examining Clinton’s right calf which was ‘swollen’.

    Marian’s initial examination caused her enough worry to insist Clinton go to Bethesda Naval Hospital for an ultrasound.

    Once they were there and the diagnosis confirmed, Mrs Clinton ‘balked’ at the idea of being kept into hospital where people would possibly learn the truth so they agreed to treat her as an outpatient with blood thinning drugs.

    The book says: ‘Hillary was back on the campaign trail within days…very few people knew of Hillary’s blood clot at the time; she wrote about it after she left the White House.

    ‘She did have a pain in her calf but Hillary let her staff think she had pulled a muscle exercising.

    Mariano wrote: ‘I assigned a female nurse in civilian attire to accompany Hillary on the campaign trail.

    ‘I also notified the Secret Service that she was on medication. In the event she was injured, excessive bleeding would be a dangerous complication.’


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