Hillary’s health is … DEPLORABLE.

No one can prop up a deathly ill candidate’ till Nov. 8 – but leave it to the Dems to give it a try

by Wayne Allyn Root

Hillary’s health is … DEPLORABLE.

Something is wrong with Hillary. She is clearly very sick. She is frail. She is unable to campaign, let alone serve in the most stressful job in the world. I’m not sure she can make it to Nov. 8.

I would not bet on her being on the ballot on Election Day.

I was the first commentator in the nation to correctly explain “the Donald Trump phenomenon.” I wrote the very first commentary for Fox News, in June 2015, predicting Trump would be the next president – when no one else believed he could ever surpass 5% in the polls.

I described Trump as “Bullworth.” That was a 1998 movie starring Warren Beatty about a politician who tells the raw truth – no matter how politically incorrect, no matter how offensive. Real life is often similar to fictional movies.

14317602_10206206795083113_3673910592927069328_nHillary reminds me of a movie, too. Her story is right out of “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

That’s a 1989 comedy about two employees who find out their boss has died and spend a weekend trying to convince everyone they do business with that he’s alive.

Hillary’s campaign narrative is right out of “Weekend at Bernie’s.” She is clearly a very sick woman. Which is sad. Tragic. My only wish is that she regains her health and lives a long life. But to achieve that goal, it’s clear what she needs. Full time bed rest.

She can’t be president of the United States. You can’t be president of the most powerful nation in world history if you’re past your prime, sick, frail and prone to horrible coughing fits and fainting spells and other disorders. There is no “nappy time” at the White House. There is no bed rest. The stress is unimaginable. Only someone “healthy as a horse” can do the job. After this weekend, it’s clear that’s no longer remotly possible for Hillary.

The problem isn’t just that Hilary is falling apart physically. The real issue is the cover-up. That’s the “Weekend at Bernie’s” part. It’s one thing to be sick and have to step aside, or be removed. It’s another to cover up your illness.

Hillary and her campaign team are lying and perpetrating fraud upon the American people. Just like “Weekend at Bernie’s,” they are trying to hide Hillary from plain view. They are trying to keep their boss away from cameras, big events, press conferences and intrusive media questions. They are trying to play “prevent defense” and stall until Nov. 8.

Even actor Andrew McCarthy and the fictional characters in “Weekend at Bernie’s” never had this much gall. They tried to keep their boss’ death a secret from a handfull of people for just one weekend. Hillary’s team is trying to keep her major health crisis a secret from the entire nation from now until Election Day (they have actually been in a cover-up for over a year).

Hillary has a severe health crisis. That much is clear.

Does she have pneumonia? If she does and she knew that since Friday, why did she hug a little girl Sunday in New York? Why go into big crowds and spread a potentially deadly disease?

If it was really pneumonia, how was she able to walk outside her daughter’s apartment only an hour later, after we all saw her go into a seizure and fainting and Secret Service agents pushing her limp body into the SUV?

Is it possible Hillary actually has a much more serious disease that has been hidden from us, and each time she has a “medical episode” she requires a shot of life-saving medicine to bring her limp body back to life? That would explain how she could be so sick one minute, then appear fine an hour later.

If she now has a bout with pneumonia, then what explains her coughing fits for the past year?

This isn’t about pneumonia. She’s had “medical episodes” nonstop since falling a few years ago and hitting her head on the ground. Does her health crisis stem from that severe concussion? Or did she fall back then because of an underlining major health issue – like Parkinson’s disease?

Here’s where we are today. She was hidden from public view for two long weeks. In the middle of the presidential campaign she only appeared at private fundraisers for two long weeks. How strange is that?

Then she re-appeared in public, only to immediately experience a massive and embarrassing coughing attack.

Then she gave a speech at a New York fundraiser and carelessly let slip her embarrassing “Basket of Deplorables” remark, offending millions of working-class and middle-class Americans. She is clearly not mentally at the top of her game.

Then she appeared at the 9/11 Memorial event in Manhattan and suffered her most severe “medical episode” yet.

Now she’s canceled her entire West Coast campaign trip – in the homestretch of a presidential campaign.

This would make for a great movie script. It would keep Americans on the edge of their seats, if it were a companion series to “Homeland” on Showtime or “House of Cards” on Netflix.

But it’s not. This is real life. Our economy, our incomes, our assets, our jobs, our armed forces, our children’s lives – all depend on the commander in chief being physically and mentally healthy, making good decisions, being focused, being alive!

This isn’t “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Hillary’s campaign team is good, but no one is that good. No one can hide a sick candidate for president from now until Nov. 8. No one.

No one can prop up a deathly ill candidate and make it appear she’s healthy for the next 60 days.

No one can hide a candidate from now through Election Day.

No one can cover up a candidate whose health is … DEPLORABLE.

This is America. This is the most important leader of the greatest nation in world history. This is the most important election in history – with an economy in collapse, a world on fire, terrorism at our door and perhaps four or five Supreme Court nominations up for grabs over the next eight years.

I’ll tell you one thing this is not. This is not a fictional Hollywood film. This is real life. This is serious as a heart attack.

This isn’t “Weekend at Bernie’s.”


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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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