German Mayor Beaten Unconscious After Announcing Plan To Accept More Muslim Refugees

“He who will not listen will have to feel.”

Over the past several months, the German people have become increasingly frustrated with Merkel’s “open-border” policy that has allowed over 1mm muslim migrants to flow into the country from the Middle East and North Africa. The flood of migrants has brought with it a wave of violent crime including sexual assaults anainst innocent children resulting in a rising nationalist tension as people have turned their backs on Merkel and her “Christian” Democratic Union party in recent elections.

The most recent example of backlash over the migrant crisis comes from the small German town of Oersdorf in Northern Germany. The Mayor of Oersdorf, Joachim Kebschull (61), was recently beaten unconscious outside of the city’s Town Hall where the construction committee was meeting to discuss a new housing development for migrants. The mayor was apparently beat with a club from behind as he stepped out the Town Hall building to get a laptop from his car.

According to The Telegraph, just hours before the committee meeting Kebschull received a threatening letter saying:

“He who will not listen will have to feel.”

“Oersdorf for Oersdorfers”


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