by Dr. Gina Loudon


The worst attacks in history targeting Trump in coming days.

It is the final month before the election of a lifetime.

We know what the liberal playbook instructs the left to do at this point. Right before every election, the Democratic Party, with the help of the mainstream media, ramp up their attacks against the Republican candidate.

Just look back four years to Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama. We remember when Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comment was played over and over in the mainstream media. Then, Harry Reid fabricated a story about Romney failing to pay taxes for 10 years, and it was debunked after it was too late. We remember Romney’s binders full of women and strapping his dog crate to the top of his car.

I am sure there are a dozen other unfounded anti-Romney attacks I could mention, but the point is that the left will do anything to distract from the issues. The left doesn’t win when it runs on higher taxes, more regulation, less freedom,  and increased globalism.

Had Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush or any of the others won the primaries, they would be facing the same sorts of attacks that Trump is facing now. The left and the mainstream media have become masters of distraction and deception and have perfected the art of character assassination.

Considering that a Trump election would set back the leftists’ global agenda for a generation, we should brace ourselves for some of the worst attacks in history to be thrown at Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” comment used words right out of the leftist playbook, although she didn’t quite execute it correctly. She is supposed to be painting Trump as “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” “xenophobic” and “Islamophobic” – not aiming those attacks at the American people.

Hillary Clinton is not good at very much.

She’s not good at portraying a human.

She’s not good at speaking off prompter.

She is not good at endearing herself to the voting populous.

But she is good at two things: She is good at lying and good at distracting.

Hillary Clinton is the worst establishment hack to ever run for the office of president. She has the establishment machine all around her, not only Democrats but also Republicans. This is unprecedented in political history. She is so deeply rooted in the establishment elite that they would rather have her to maintain their elite lifestyles than to take a chance on an outsider who may dismantle their cushy system. That is the essence of this entire election year.

When the FBI releases information about more scandals regarding Hillary’s illegal server, she distracts by bringing out a manufactured Trump Foundation story that had no scandal in it at all.

When virtually every poll said Donald Trump won the debate, Hillary distracts with a non-story, followed by a commercial that was already prepared before the debate, to distract from her debate performance.

When Congress overrides the veto of a president who doesn’t want our 9/11 families to be able to sue foreign governments for their role in the terror that created the atrocity, she distracts with a story of the beauty queen. She couldn’t let the media talk about the lawsuits because she can’t be associated with Saudi Arabia since her foundation has taken tens of millions from a Shariah regime that persecutes and oppresses women and stones gays.

And today, when WikiLeaks said it was ready to drop another story on Hillary’s front porch, she distracts with a non-story about Mr. Trump’s tax reports, which were illegally obtained.

She is good at lying, and polls show that nearly 70 percent of the electorate knows she is a liar. But the public often overlooks her tactic of distraction and her supporters just don’t care.

The problem for Hillary is that social media is onto her.

As quickly as she began spinning her web of lies about the beauty queen, the facts unfurled like a flag over an ugly battle, providing the American people with true facts that unsubstantiated everything Hillary manufactured.

I discussed the newly fabricated claims that Trump called Alicia Machado racist and insensitive names on Fox Business this week.

When Mr. Trump challenged Secretary Clinton to produce her 30,000 emails in lieu of his releasing his taxes, she hid behind the New York Times, which hadn’t paid any taxes, either.

The embarrassing attempt by the New York Times to smear Trump earlier in the election with false stories about women was debunked after those women emerged with words of love and respect for Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump even predicted that his tax records would be illegally obtained and that another piece of yellow journalism would be written on her behalf.

But it turns out, the joke is on them. There was no there, there. The real sport of all of this is no longer watching for the October surprise. It is predicting Hillary’s next lie, and Hillary’s next distraction.

What is your best guess?


About avirginiapatriot1776

I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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