Democrats Could Be Prosecuted for Trump Rally Violence

It should read: Democrats Should But Won’t Be Prosecuted for Trump Rally Violence

“This is not just about inciting riots, which is bad enough, it is also about a confessed conspiracy to try to steal an election through violence.”


(LIFEZETTE) Undercover videos, released this week by conservative activist group Project Veritas, show Democratic operatives conspiring to incite violence at Trump rallies — and may be enough to warrant a federal investigation.

The problem is Hillary and the Democrats OWN the FBI and the DOJ.

Hillary Clinton has already faced one FBI investigation for her use of a private server to transmit and store emails while she was secretary of state, and as proved by the email leaks, the FBI let her off due to direct payments and corersion.  Now her campaign could face a second one into the Democrats’ long tradition of violent agitation.

“There is sufficient factual predicate to open an investigation” into the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign’s involvement in the conspiracies described in the videos, Brady Toensing, a white-collar criminal defense attorney, told LifeZette.

“The potential crimes admitted to on the tapes are numerous,” Toensing said. “There are civil rights violations and the crime of inciting a riot. But all you need is one, and then a conspiracy to commit any of these crimes is itself a federal felony, which on its own comes with up to five years in prison,” he added. “There are also numerous potential state law violations and civil causes of action.”

Democrats Could Be Prosecuted for Trump Rally Violence


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