News that longtime Clinton adviser and fundraiser Terry McAuliffe made $675,000 in contributions to the longshot election campaign of the wife of the FBI’s second-in-command has prompted a call for the official’s resignation.


McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia, supported Dr. Jill McCabe, the wife of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, last year in her unsuccessful challenge to incumbent Virginia state Sen. Richard Black, who had won his previously race by 14 points.

It was Andrew McCabe who, after the contributions were made, oversaw the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clintons handling of classified information and use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

Black said Monday in a statement that McCabe should have recused immediately himself from the probe, knowing McAuliffe is a Clinton confidante.

“As an attorney, and a former JAG officer who has had responsibilities over the investigation and prosecution of crimes, I am at a loss to see how the FBI could possibly allow Andrew McCabe to oversee the investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s email server scandals,” Black said in a statement. “Mr. McCabe was clearly indebted to the Clinton Campaign because of the support given his wife.”

McCabe was associate deputy director when the contributions to his wife’s campaign were made then was promoted to deputy director. In his new position, he oversaw the Clinton email probe.

Black noted Clinton’s “defense against charges that she has lawlessly handled classified information in her emails, and by using her private email server, has been that the FBI performed a complete investigation and found no violation of law.”

“I was astonished at how much money she was able to raise – $1.8 million. How convenient for your husband to be a high-ranking FBI official with lots of potential influence,” he said.

The Wall Street Journal, which broke the story, quoted a McAuliffe spokesman who insisted the governor thought McCabe had a chance to win in the Northern Virginia district, centered in Loudoun County.

“Any insinuation that his support was tied to anything other than his desire to elect candidates who would help pass his agenda is ridiculous,” said the spokesman.

The FBI stated Andrew McCabe “played no role, attended no events, and did not participate in fundraising or support of any kind” in his wife’s campaign.

“Months after the completion of her campaign, then-Associate Deputy Director McCabe was promoted to Deputy, where, in that position, he assumed for the first time, an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails,” the bureau said.

Former U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy said in a National Review column that while the decision to recommend against prosecution was made by FBI Director James Comey, not McCabe, the “new disclosures of political and financial ties between the Clinton machine and the wife of the FBI official who oversaw the Clinton investigation is more fuel for the fire.”

“Hillary Clinton may win the election in two weeks, but the dark clouds over her are rising not clearing.”

Black told the Washington Examiner that he can’t say for certain that the $675,000 in contributions are linked to McCabe’s oversight of the email probe, but argued they made his family “indebted” to McAuliffe.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign called on the FBI to address the issue.

“The fact that this was allowed to occur shows either outright negligent behavior by the FBI or a level of corruption that is beyond belief,” Trump senior policy adviser Jason Miller told the Washington Times. “The FBI needs to fully address these issues as soon as possible.”

The Times noted McAuliffe’s 2013 campaign for Virginia governor was regarded as a test-run for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. He was on Clinton’s long list of potential vice presidents.

McAuliffe was chairman of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign then served as a fundraiser and national co-chairman of Clinton’s reelection campaign. Later, he become campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton’s first run for the White House. He also was chairman of the Democratic National Committee for five years, beginning in 2000.

As WND reported, McAuliffe’s executive order allowing some 206,000 felons to vote in the swing state of Virginia was struck down as unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in July.

The Richmond Times pointed out that McAuliffe’s executive order came two days after the state General Assembly broke from regular session, meaning he could have taken the legislative route to bring about the reform.

“Considering that the entire General Assembly was in session just two days ago, the timing of this action should give all legislators pause,” said Senate Majority Leader Thomas Norment Jr. in the Richmond Times. “Perhaps this governor does not expect to have to work with the General Assembly next session, as he might be planning on an appointment to an office headquartered in a different capital city.”

Speaker of the House William Howell criticized McAuliffe’s order as little more than a political ploy aimed at helping Clinton reach the White House.

“The singular purpose of Terry McAuliffe’s governorship is to elect Hillary Clinton president of the United States,” he said, according to the Richmond Times. “This office has always been a stepping stone to a job in Hillary Clinton’s Cabinet.”



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