Sheeeew! Whole Lotta Nasty On Full Display Here

Nasty women with ‘nasty feet’ will vote against trump

This nasty display doesn’t exactly make me want to run out and vote for nasty Hillary or her nasty feet.

Elizabeth Warren spews one creepy, nasty  vow – women with ‘nasty feet’ will vote against trump?

Elizabeth Warren painted an unintended visual of women with festering lower appendages,  possibly athlete’s foot, and screeching, nasty voices rising up to unite against Trump.  Sheeeew!   This is just plain nasty all the way around.  I had to cover my eyes and ears…

After listing all the things the “nasty women” would do during this election, she sure doesn’t leave visions of sugar plums dancing in one’s head!

Women with nasty feet unite!

elizabeth-warren-calls-on-women-with-nasty-feet-to-unite-against-trump-photo-blasting-news-library-nydailynews-com_938851She told Trump via a nasty screeching shout-out that “nasty women” have had it with him. It is not known if Trump has heard her words of endearment as of yet, but he was busy today. He was last seen crawling out of his “basket of deplorables,” but there’s no doubt that he should hear about this soon!

Her comment about women marching their “nasty feet” to the election booths conjures all kinds of weird things in the mind’s eye.  As visions of festering toes in your head

Her “nasty feet” comment conjures up visions of something possibly festering in between the toes of Hillary and her female voters. Maybe you picture red and inflamed feet, like you would see with athlete’s foot? You almost expected to see someone hold up a sign saying something along the lines of “nasty feet unite!”

The clip of Warren assigning everything about the female and her vote to the word “nasty” played over and over again on news shows Monday. In the background and off to the side sat Hillary Clinton who arrogantly nodded in agreement as those “nasty” comments exploded from Warren’s mouth. She also looked like she was swaying in the wind as Warren took her harsh nasty stand.

Throwing stones from your glass house?

Why Hillary would put Warren on the stage to shout and yell the same type of disparaging comments that she condemns Trump for is anyone’s guess. She certainly seemed to enjoy letting Warren embark on a speech reminiscent to a boxer’s prelude to a fight. It was probably better for Hillary to let Warren be the attack dog in this fight, as she is trying to maintain a lady-like appearance to contrast Trump’s rather diamond in the rough demeanor!  But it seems to be a huge fail.


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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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