George Washington University Drops U.S. History Requirement for History Majors

It sounds like a story from The Onion, but American history is history for history majors at George Washington University.

Believe it or not, The George Washington University won’t be making history MAJORS take American history courses any longer.

Talk about irony.

George Washington University — a school in Washington, D.C., founded to celebrate the legacy of the first American president, George Washington — recently eliminated its requirement for history majors to take a course in American history.

According to the school newspaper, The Hatchet, history department faculty decided the change would be a way to recruit new students “to better reflect a globalizing world.”

“According to a lot of professors, the founding fathers are a bunch of old rich white guys who owned slaves,” syndicated radio host Larry Elder said Monday on “Fox & Friends.” “As a result, they’re no longer relevant.”


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