Those poor, poor Muslims

by Burt Prelutsky, the reformed liberal, a humor columnist for the L.A. Times, a movie critic for Los Angeles magazine and a freelance writer for TV Guide, Modern Maturity, the New York Times and Sports Illustrated.  Author of “I used to be a liberal but I grew up” and His latest book is entitled “”Barack Obama, You’re Fired! (And Don’t Bother Asking for a Recommendation).”

Of all the strange mysteries of life, to me one of the oddest is the outpouring of concern and even affection for the world’s Islamic population.

A strange form of amnesia seems to affect those who seem ignorant of the fact that thousands of people have been slaughtered by those who follow the teachings of Muhammad and who scream “Allah Akbar!” in the midst of their religious killing frenzy.

To suggest that not every Muslim is a terrorist is so simplistic that it hardly bears acknowledging. Not every German was a Nazi, not every Russian was a communist, but enough were to make the two nations an existential threat to every civilized person on earth. What makes Islam more dangerous than either of the other two criminal enterprises is that there are Muslim majorities in over two dozen nations, and those who have emigrated from those states have committed atrocities all over the globe.

Shariah law, which is espoused even by those who claim not to support the jihadists, is in direct eternal conflict with the U.S. Constitution. So, why of all the people on earth, is it Muslims that so many Americans choose to champion? One reason, I suspect, is because most of these champions are on the left, and they tend to be in favor of whatever and whomever seems to threaten the safety and prosperity of this nation. The other reason is that they hate Donald Trump and will enthusiastically defend whatever they feel he opposes.

Mainly, those on the left and their representatives in Congress have an instinctive need to claim the moral high ground, so whether they’re defending Muslims, cop killers or illegal aliens, they can never resist the overpowering urge to claim to be holier-than-thou and moi.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been wrapped up so tightly for years, no matter the weather, that I have concluded she died a while back and has now been mummified. The crone, formerly chief counsel for the ACLU, never made a secret of the fact she had serious objections to the U.S. Constitution. But now, this mummy, who unfortunately possesses the power of speech, has gone so far as to denounce the Electoral College.

Inasmuch as the College was one of the few items the founders had rare unanimity about, it goes to show how little respect the leftists on the Supreme Court have for original text. It also goes to show that, in open contradiction to justice nominee Neil Gorsuch’s declaration that only bad judges always agree with their own judicial opinions, liberal justices are guided only by their own partisan agenda.

I mean, would even Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi seriously argue that if it were Republicans who were in the majority in large urban communities, Justice Ginsburg would be so anxious to abolish the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote?

Speaking of hypocrisy, those opposing Trump’s temporary ban on immigrants from seven Muslim nations base their argument on the fact that no American has been killed by a terrorist from one of those countries. They could hardly be more fatuous if they tried. It ignores how many acts of terrorism have been thwarted by the combined efforts of the FBI, the CIA and Homeland Security.

I suspect if national security weren’t involved, and the data could be made public, perhaps even Judge James Robart might not have been so quick to overrule Trump’s executive order. On the other hand, Judge Robart is an immigration activist who feels he has a dog in the fight, so perhaps nothing would have persuaded him that an unelected judge in Seattle has every right to thwart the constitutional authority of the president.

One question that has long troubled me is why the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is always the most liberal appeals court in the nation, and why it is always the one whose decisions are most often overturned by the Supreme Court.

After all, it’s a federal court. If it were a state court in Washington, Oregon or California, it might make sense. But how is it that year after year, decade after decade, the biggest loons in the federal court system keep winding up on the 9th Circuit? And doesn’t it wear on them to be so consistently slapped down by the Supremes?

We’re hearing so much piffle these days about America’s image in the world, about how we’re viewed by others and how we, as “a nation of immigrants,” are obliged to allow entry to anyone who wishes to settle here, that my head is on the verge of exploding.

Who are these other nations we’re supposed to be fretting about? England and France, who stabbed Israel in the back at the U.N.?

Canada, which demands that foreigners be self-supporting and possess skills that will be beneficial to Canada? Mexico, a country that defends its own borders with a ferocity pit bulls would admire, while insisting we keep our own porous?

Or perhaps it’s Russia, a Slavic cesspool that invades its neighbors with impunity, pretending it’s their right if a sizable number of their citizens speak Russian. It’s the same excuse Hitler used when he invaded Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland, pointing out that a lot of those natives spoke German.

Maybe the loons are referring to Japan, with its policy against letting ANY outsider become a citizen? Could be they have the Arab and Muslim nations in mind, even though they not only exclude Jews and murder Christians, but deny entry to those who are either coming from or planning to go to Israel.

So, for just whose high opinion are we being urged to grovel? China? North Korea? Brazil? Venezuela? Congo? It’s no wonder they always fall back on the amorphous “world community.”
Rep. Maxine Waters is already pushing to impeach President Trump. You have to wonder what took her so long. After all, he’s already been in office for all of three weeks.

Still, she caught a lot of us by surprise when she took Russia and Vladimir Putin to task for invading Korea. That was particularly troubling news until someone figured out she thought Crimea and Korea were the same.

In the meantime, controversy continues to swirl over the rights of transgenders to use the bathrooms, showers and locker rooms, to which their gender and common sense would normally deny them entry.

Acknowledging what used to be referred to as the facts of life (aka the birds and the bees) now constitutes hate speech, and the facts of life are no longer considered facts, but merely differences of opinion between humanitarians on one side and bigots on the other.

This particular controversy has been brought about by the same simpletons who spend their days worrying whether other nations respect us. I say they can stop worrying. When sane people see that schools, businesses and even entire states are abandoning common sense and caving in to bullying by the sexually bewildered, even most Americans are having a hard time respecting this country.

Although I believe it would be best if the Department of Education, an entity born in the fallow ground of Jimmy Carter’s brain, should never have been created, I was delighted that, thanks to Mike Pence’s tie-breaking vote, Betsy DeVos was installed as its secretary.

Although I am fundamentally opposed to the federal government being involved with education, at least we have a true conservative on the job, and that surely beats allowing the corrupt teachers unions in 50 states to dictate the rules and subjugate the children to their insatiable greed and inexcusable malfeasance.


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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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