Public Erupts On N.Y. Times Promoting Itself As ‘TRUTH’ That Needs Your Support

Truth is like a lion. Who ever heard of defending a lion? Just turn it loose; it will defend itself.  Only lies must be supported.

Just last month, President Donald Trump labeled the newspaper as “fake news,” along with other outlets including NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN.

An advertisement currently running on Facebook fighting the “fake news” label encouraging people to subscribe to the Times is being pummeled by the public, some of whom can barely control their laughter.

The sponsored post reads: “Truth. It needs your support. Support fact-based journalism. Subscribe to The New York Times.”

My take is that this is a very bad idea for an ad.  Truth is like a lion. Who ever heard of defending a lion? Just turn it loose; it will defend itself.  Only lies must be supported.

And unfortunately for the NYT, a key feature of social media is the ability to comment on postings.

While there are a handful of positive remarks toward the Times, by far the vast majority take the paper to task, suggesting it reports anything but the truth.

other comments include:

Rick Pietrzak: “While they do historically employ some of the best journalists in the field, their headlines and editorial board could do with some balance in reporting. So far I have seen absolutely zero of that.”
Matt Peters: “I’m a Liberal and I know better. You report only what is relevant to the corporate masters, The sad part is that you’re in such a bubble that you believe your own crap. Just what your editor did to Bernie as well as your purposely ignoring stories that effect impoverished people tell me you’re not the full ‘truth.’”
Kim Henry: “That is so funny, to think people like Paul Krugman in the NYT should be taken seriously. NYT is the beacon of narrative journalism.”
Michele Melrose: “NY Times and truth uttered in the same sentence?? SNORT!!”
Tim Haines: “Truth is so powerful that it doesn’t need support. What it needs is RESPECT. Take the hint.”
Barton E Cook: “Support fact based journalism, don’t look at or watch anything The New York Times pukes out.”
Jordan Warfel: “Seriously?? From the New York Times, a former newspaper! lol”
Jay Welther: “Fact based NYT = Oxymoron”
Dino Gay: “Keep trying to convince yourselves.”
Rob Johnson: “Is this a joke? Fact based? Hahaha”
Erik Walker: “Your new ad campaign is a joke, right?”
Bruce Brown: “They lost me at Truth based. Never really seen that from NYT. It’s a real truth story we are going to twist to make it fit the Democrats’ agenda.”
Worth Andrew Cynthia: “These MEMES just keep getting funnier and funnier!!!”
Dave Neuendorf: “Sorry, but we’ve finished house training our dogs, so we no longer need your paper.”

Some of those supporting the Times indicated:

Barbara Schuberth: “I think the NY Times is one of the finest papers around …”
Teresa White Heximer: “I know this sounds barbaric and stone age, BUT I just want a paper delivered to my home that I can unfold, sit and sip coffee with and then throw into the recycling bin when I have finished with it.”

Trump himself even tweeted about the commercial, stating: “For first time the failing New York Times will take an ad (a bad one) to help save its failing reputation. Try reporting accurately & fairly!”

On the heels of the president’s insult of the New York Times, the executive editor of the newspaper claimed the president’s attempts to smear the publication have actually encouraged more people to read it.


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