Only In Cali – Strip Poker Playing Ex-Mayor Stole Money From Kids Programs To Fund Filipino Fetish

Last summer we wrote about the arrest of Stockton, California’s liberal mayor, Anthony Silva, after an FBI investigation resulted in charges of playing strip poker and providing alcohol to minors at a youth camp he ran for impoverished children:

As if that weren’t bad enough, Silva is back in the news today after once again being arrested at the San Francisco International Airport on a whole new slate of charges including embezzlement, money laundering and grand theft with aggravated white collar crime enhancements.

Charges were brought by the San Joaquin District Attorney and allege that between 2010 and 2014 Silva stole “hundreds of thousands of dollars” from the Boys and Girls Club of Stockton through a variety of embezzlement schemes. That said, the depth of the embezzlement is still unknown as the DA is reviewing a total of $2.7 million that flowed out of Club accounts over the four year period in question. Per ABC 10:

The DA alleges in the six felony counts, from January 1, 2010 to February 24, 2014, Silva defrauded and ripped off hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Stockton Kids Club.

They allege he pocketed the cash into his own personal bank account, taking control of Kids Club bank accounts and credit cards.

The DA said $2.7 million in a three year period flowed out of the Kids Club accounts in the form of “at best” 50,000 checks.

“How and where it went, we don’t know,” Deputy DA Robert Himelblau said.

So what did Silva spend the money on? Well, apparently a good portion of the funds went to cover several trips to the Philippines as well as the monthly dues associated with an online dating website called “” and numerous stays at his local Motel 6.

We assume his Motel 6 stays were funded by the hour which helped to preserve at least some cash for the poor kids of Stockton.

Silva allegedly used the cash on dating website He also allegedly used the money on trips to the Philippines, South Lake Tahoe, Motel 6 and Best Buy.

Silva is also accused of what Himelblau called “double dipping.” He explained employees who work at the Stockton Kids Club are paid by the Stockton Unified School District.

But, Himelblau said evidence was found that Silva also pocketed grant money given to the Kids Club by the national Boys & Girls Club.

“Then what Mr. Silva did was create a duplicate set of time cards and submitted them to the national Boys & Girl Club. That’s the double dipping scheme. Those are the documents Mr. Silva signed saying he would not receive reimbursement for duplicate services,” Himelblau said.

Silva plead not guilty to all 6 charges and is currently being detained on a $1 million bail.

It’s no wonder that TV ratings are in the tank…it’s almost impossible to make up content salacious enough to compete with reality.


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