Maddow commits felony by releasing Trump’s taxes to prove…Trump pays his taxes

The unauthorized release of tax returns is a felony.

Countdown to Trump Tax Return Release

You know you are desperate for ratings when…

MSNBC’s far, far, leftist, Rachel Maddow, had her Al Capone vault-opening moment that probably even tops that embarrassing event as the host crushed a massive leftist narrative Tuesday night about President Donald Trump on live television and opened up a whole other can of worms.

Maddow revealed part of Trump’s 2005 tax return — that was somehow “leaked” to the leftist media outlet — and outed the wealthy businessman for … paying his taxes.

He didn’t just pay his taxes, he paid a crap-ton of taxes; a whopping $38 million on $150 million worth of income which gave him an effective tax rate of around 25 percent.

About that can of worms that exploded open thanks to Maddow — Trump paid a heck of a lot more than both Sen. Bernie Sanders, the so-called Democratic Socialist, and the left’s dear leader, former President Barack Obama. The leftist pair paid 13.5 percent (according to Sanders’ 2014 federal tax return) and 18.7 percent (according to Obama’s 2015 federal tax return) respectively.

My word, Obama and Sanders really should have kicked in more but I guess they don’t care about babies, the elderly, the disabled, puppies and protecting unicorns, or whatever.

Blinded by her hatred for Trump and Russian derangement, Maddow failed to slow down, take a breathe and think about the information in her possession. She not only embarrassed herself, but the left as a whole. Further, she shifted the news cycle away from GOP infighting on Obamacare. Because there was nothing salacious in the two page return, every network ran with the headline “Trump makes $150 million, paid $38 million in taxes.” According to the Joe Biden standard, Trump is far more patriotic when it comes to paying taxes than Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders.

Tucker Carlson exposed the hypocrisy last night and it was delightful:

I wonder if all those Sanders supporters are feeling the Bern today? Maddow should be, but leftists will just spin this in her favor and trod on. Oh wait, they have already started to do that:

Clearly the source of the “leaked” return is Trump himself. 10-20 missing pages w/ key info. This is to DISTRACT us from Russia, health care

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) March 15, 2017

The vast left wing conspiracy machine is afoot!

Maddow and the left’s epic meltdown last night was a real treat and the information that followed about Obama/Sanders’ tax rate compared to Trump’s is yet another example of how out of it you’d have to be to support the left’s crackpot ideology.

Nobody stopped the well-off Sanders and Obama from paying their “fair share” in taxes, they simply chose not to.

The left regularly wails about people paying their “fair share” but as we see time and time again, they don’t mean them, they mean “people.”

Well, by the left’s caterwauling about what “fair share” is, it looks like Sanders and Obama have a long way to go if they want to match the “fair share” paid by Trump …


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One Response to Maddow commits felony by releasing Trump’s taxes to prove…Trump pays his taxes

  1. glenya7121 says:

    If she was a Republican she would be in jail.

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