California Now Wants To Tax Space Flights… By Miles Traveled

The state of California is beyond all help at this stage.

It appears that California’s ultra liberal politicians & regulators spend all their time trying to figure out how to tax something new. They will never reform, it’s always give me more, more, more of your money.

California now wants to collect taxes from space transportation companies based upon, get this, a formula of how frequently a company launches spacecrafts out of the state, and most absurdly, how far a commercial spacecraft travels from California soil.

They want to tax space travel per mile and claim 62 miles above California belongs to the State. So 63 miles and you are safe from the money grubbers, for now. Sooner or later, they will want a tax from all satellites that just pass by their state once a day.

These space launches are taking place from Vandenberg Air Force Base, in Santa Barbara. But they may be forced to move to another state.

The California Politicians are a special breed. They must have brain damage or they are just so corrupt it is no longer funny.

They have made the absurd claim that taxing space travel from California “will lead to increased activity in the industry and will foster an atmosphere of growth and prosperity once present during the golden age of California’s aviation industry, thereby creating jobs as the industry thrives in this state.”

Huh? Let me get this straight. Taxing space travel will lead the industries wanting to relocate to California so they can pay more in taxes as opposed to Texas or Florida where they do not pay the extra tax?

They are a special kind of stupid. But look at who we are talking about. Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi …

I don’t know which is worse among these clowns.  Their level of corruption or their level of stupidity.

Any company should look for prosperity in Texas or Florida and forget California.

The state is beyond help at this stage.


About avirginiapatriot1776

I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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