‘I will kill whoever calls police’


Another Somali “refugee” has managed to strike fear into the hearts of Minnesotans by threatening to kill townspeople with a knife.

This time, it was the small town of Faribault, population 23,000 about 50 miles south of Minneapolis, that was terrorized.

In a July 25 article, the Faribault Daily News reports that a complaint filed in Rice County Court alleges that Somalia native Abdinzak Ahmed Farah, 29, was in the Third Street NW area in downtown Faribault on July 12, pointing a knife and threatening to kill anyone who called police.

Abdinzak Ahmed Farah, 29, was arrested and charged with threatening his fellow Minnesotans with a knife.

The call followed “odd behavior” by Farah earlier that day, the local newspaper reports.

According to an eye witness, Farah was eating raw beef with the knife and holding it out to patrons, asking them to “play games.”

Farah was asked to leave the area, which he did, only to return pointing the same knife at people as he spoke with them. Witnesses told police Farah was told to leave a second time, but later began chasing several people and threw the knife at them.

A male witness confronted Farah about chasing people, at which point he threatened to kill that person and threw the knife to the ground. The witness then told Farah police were on their way.

“I will kill whoever calls the police,” Farah reportedly responded.

The man restrained Farah until police arrived.

Farah was charged with two counts of second-degree assault and threatening violence, all felonies, and fourth-degree damage to property.

Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services resettle the majority of Somalis in Minnesota, working as contractors for the U.S. State Department.

Minneapolis is home to the nation’s largest enclave of Somali refugees, with estimates putting their numbers at between 40,000 and 50,000. They control the city’s sixth ward politics and have a member of their community on the city council, with the possibility of a second council seat going to a Somali in this fall’s elections.

Almost all refugees to the United States are hand-selected by the United Nations, which has been picking U.S.-bound refugees since the 1980s.

This isn’t the first time residents of Faribault have been terrorized by Somali refugees brandishing knives. In June 2014, four Somali men threatened to rob a 15-year-old at knife point if he didn’t “lead me to the money” after conniving their way inside the boy’s house by offering to give him a ride home. All four were arrested and charged with felony attempted robbery.

History of violent crimes by Somali refugees

Dahir Adan stabbed 10 people at Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on Sept. 17, 2016.

The arrest of Farah is just the latest in a long list of Somali refugees involved in acts of violence.

Here is just a small sampling of cases over the past year.

Dahir Ahmed Adan stabbed 10 shoppers at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on Sept. 17, 2016. He asked shoppers if they were Muslim. If they said “no,” he attacked them with his knife, until he was shot dead by an off-duty cop.

On Nov. 28, 2016, another Somali refugee, Abdul Ali Artan, went on a stabbing spree at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, wounding 11. The city of Columbus has the nation’s second largest population of Somali refugees after Minneapolis.

Just two weeks ago, on July 15, another Somali refugee serving as a Minneapolis police officer, Mohamed Noor, shot and killed an unarmed woman in her pajamas who had called 9-1-1, leading to the resignation of the city’s police chief and pressure on Mayor Betsy Hodges to reform the police department.

Somali refugee Abdul Ali Artan, who went on a stabbing spree on the Ohio State University campus on Nov. 28, 2016, came to the U.S. from Somalia with his mother and six siblings as ‘refugees.’

Somali refugee Mohamed Ayanle, 22, was charged with first- and third-degree criminal sexual conduct in December 2016, after he raped a woman while riding a commercial bus through Polk County, Minnesota. The female victim reported that Mohamed Ayanle forced her to have sex with him at knife point in the back of the bus. There was only one other passenger on the bus at the time, and after he finished raping the woman, Ayanle told her to go back to the front of the bus because she was “too fat.”

Ayanle told police he had just arrived in Minnesota from Somalia three months prior to his arrest and that, in his opinion, the sex was consensual.

Somali refugee Abdirhman Ahmed Noor, 24, was living in Aberdeen, South Dakota, when he shot at two men outside the Foxridge Apartments on July 8 last year, hitting one of them and leaving him for dead on the pavement. He was released on bail but didn’t show up for a pretrial hearing and remains unaccounted for.

In Lawrenceville, Georgia, the Somali refugee woman Aisha Ibrahim, 31, appeared out of the woods wearing a burqa and beat an American woman with her own flagpole on May 31, 2016. Ibrahim was granted bail and did not show up for her arraignment in court — she remains in the “missing” category to this day.

Aisha Ibrahim, a/k/a Amina Ali Ahra, is a Muslim refugee from Somalia, charged with simple battery for attacking a family simply because she didn’t like their American flag. She jumped bail and remains at large.

At least 40 Somali refugees have left the country to join overseas terrorist organizations such as al-Shabab in Somali and ISIS in Syria, the FBI has confirmed. Dozens of others have been charged and/or convicted of providing material support to overseas terrorists.

More than 132,000 Somalis have been sent to the U.S. since the 1980s, and most of them have arrived since 1991.

Their supporters continue to say Somalis are an asset to the communities in which they live, and supporters of refugees in general say they are less violent than the average American.

“The refugee industry used to repeat the shibboleth that no refugee has been implicated in terrorism,” says James Simpson, an expert on the refugee resettlement industry and author of the book “The Red-Green Axis.”

“Since Trump was elected, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been able to break out the facts suppressed under Obama,” he added. “Over 300 refugees have been implicated in terrorism. So now the refugee industry says, ‘no American has been killed’ by a refugee terrorist. If that is indeed the case, are we supposed to accept that as an argument? It merely means that so far we have been lucky. Is ‘luck’ the basis upon which we should base our national security policy?”

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