Public School Is Child Abuse

They used to say if the kids don’t go to school “how will they get socialized.” What they meant was “how will they learn socialism.”

by Mason Weaver

The United States Justice Department recently announced a review of racial discrimination in college admissions. This launched the expected responses from the race-base industry and a call to continue racial profiling in college admissions.

…The reason black children cannot compete in college entrance is because black students have attended the gang-prepped K-12 inner-city slave camps called public schools.

The same forces screaming to protect their meal ticket in the race-based industry, should be marching in protest of the results of public education in the black community. The problem is with families, and the solution starts with the black man and black woman – not a government program.

Why is the solution to every problem more money? Every solution involves spending, because spending gets you influence, power and enriches your friends. Who benefits financially from spending so much per child? Does the child benefits?

If the most expensive schools are in some of the poorest neighborhoods, but these children are not performing up to anyone’s standards, what does that mean? It does not take more money to fail. As a matter of fact, if we placed half of that money in the child’s bank account, most would have enough for college or to own their own business after graduating or dropping out.

A 2011 analysis of public schools per-student spending showed schools spending the most per student did not produce a better educated student, quite the opposite. According to this research, Camden, New Jersey, spent $23,000 per student per year with less than a 40 percent graduation rate. While Alpine, Utah, spent less than $6,000 per student per year and had a 78 percent graduation rate.

Camden spends $92,000 per student in four years of high school. If we just took the funds from high school and give it to the children at 18, it would do more for society. Instead of giving it to the local teachers’ union, schoolbook monopolies and the local socialist parties, let’s allow little Jimmy to buy an 18-wheeler and start driving for himself. After all, he is now a high-school drop out, and the money has been wasted on him in school. Of course, we all know the real reason: No one cares about the child, just the money.

The $23,000 per student produces the lowest graduation rate. You would need special skills to spend that much money and fail. You can buy a new car every year, per child with that money – yet you still have failure. After high school, that child has a $92,000 education (and that’s just the last four years) and still cannot read, reason or study. Thirty kids is $690,000 per year. What do you think we are getting? Union dues, Democratic voting and a high national debt. The liberals are using these kids; it is really child abuse and a hatred of children.

That is human nature, and I understand it. What I do not understand are the parents. Parents have loyalties to the schools, teachers and administrators, but little toward their children. Some parents don’t consider it “their” tax dollars being spent. They think it is “the government’s” money.

How else can you explain the annual back-to-school march of our children into the slave training camps, called public schools? Public schools are just a farm team for the judicial system, drug treatment systems and the alcohol business. The only groups who benefits from the current public school systems are those groups in business to pick up the shattered pieces of our children’s lives.

It is shameful and harmful to continue the dumbing down and aggressive anti-capitalism, America-hating indoctrination of our children. After they graduate with no skills, we then are expected to grant them entrance into our colleges. May as well – what are they learning in college? More of the same dumbed down, no skills, victimhood instruction they’ve received in public schools.

Public school is child abuse. It only costs $300-500 per child per year to homeschool. But it will never be encouraged until union dues are paid by the parents. But homeschooling works, is easier and creates a strong bond between parents and child or children. You can tell because of all the opposition to homeschooling. Charter schools are better than traditional public schools, if you are measuring student success and not programs. It is still under the government’s control, however, which means there is more focused on serving the system than the parent.


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I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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