Repealing Net Neutrality Is A Small Step In The Right Direction But The Big Problem… We’ve Centralized All Our Data To A Leftist Dictator Named Zuckerberg

At its inception, the internet was a beautifully idealistic, equal, place free from forced big government/corporate takeovers. But we’ve continuously made it more and more centralized, taking power away from users and handing it over to big companies. No not the IP network providers, they are simply the freeway. The data handlers are in control of the internet.  If the data is sped up or slowed down by a few microseconds, it is a non issue and a smoke screen.

“We’ve centralized all of our data to a guy called Mark Zuckerberg, who’s basically the biggest dictator in the world as he wasn’t elected by anyone.” ~ Pirate Bay’s co-founder, Peter Sunde

To support this, Sunde points out that in the last 10 years, almost every up-and-coming tech company or website has been bought by the big five: Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook (all left leaning corporations and all partnerships with big government). The ones that manage to escape the reach of the giants, often end up adding to the centralization.

We don’t create things anymore, instead we just have virtual things. Uber, Alibaba and Airbnb, for example, do they have products? No. We went from this product-based model, to virtual product, to virtually no product what so ever. This is the centralization process going on.

Sunde on whether we could still fight for decentralization and bring the power back to the people. His answer was simple.

No. We lost this fight a long time ago. The only way we can do any difference is by limiting the powers of these companies?—?by governments stepping in?—?but unfortunately the EU or the US don’t seem to have any interest in doing this because they are in partnerships with the corporations.

Governments make laws that help these fascist monopolies in return for unlimited data used to spy on citizens or political opponents.

These companies try to sound good in order to take over, that they’re actually ‘giving’ you something. Like Spotify gives you music and has great passion for music, and all of the successful PR around it.

But what it does to us in the long term is more like smoking. Big data and Big Tobacco are really similar in that sense. Before, we didn’t realize how dangerous tobacco actually was, but now we know it gives you cancer. We didn’t know that big data could be thing, but now we know it is. We’ve been smoking all our lives on big data’s products and now we can’t quit.

And just like with tobacco, it’s governments that need to create the restrictions. However, it’s difficult to see how any government would be willing to restrict the powerful tech giants when they are getting so much in return.

About avirginiapatriot1776

I hope we have once again reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: as government expands, liberty contracts. — Ronald Reagan
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