College Installs “Cry Closet” As Safe Space For Student Snowflakes

Again, this is not The Onion.

With finals week well underway at the University of Utah, students walking through the J. Willard Marriott Library encountered a white booth with a door on the front, adorned with a sign reading “Safe Place for Stressed Out Students Otherwise known as The Cry Closet.”

After knocking to ensure no other students are utilizing the the tiny safe space, overwhelmed millennial adults can step inside and cuddle with a variety of children’s stuffed animals….if you don’t mind the germs… or whatever else may be on the toys.

Designed by University of Utah student and visual artist Nemo Miller in collaboration with Tony Miller and David Meyer:

How long before someone gets triggered by the thought of “going into the closet”?


Hope none of the triggered snowflakes get a little splinter on their little finger from the unfinished wood.  They may have to build another cry closet for those injured by the first cry closet.

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